14 Feb the History of Valentine Day

Today we will talk about 14 Feb the history of Valentine Day. The arrival of February 14th and the world awaiting it. February 14th has historical significance. In other words, this day has gained a special status in the world at this time.

When is Valentine Day?

14 February is called Valentine’s Day. On this day, married and unmarried people give gifts and express their love and affection. This day is known as Valentine’s Day. In the western states, this day has a special significance. Now, this day is so important in Asian countries that people are eagerly waiting for this day. The sign of impatience is that people are waiting for this day to express their love and affection to each other. It is the third most celebrated day in the world.

History of valentine’s day:

Rome was a superpower in the third century AD after the death of Jesus. Which was ruled by King Claudius. The nation at that time was an idolatrous nation. Every year on the fifteenth of February, the day here (Lopracle’s feast) had a special significance. These people (Lopes) worshiped the name idol. The reason for worshiping the Lopes idol was to purify the kingdom from demons, fertility And may there be prosperity and at the same time say that this idol gives us health.

During this period lottery was drawn and a box was placed in which the names of all the virgin girls were written down and a virgin boy would draw a slip which would have the name of the girl and then by February 15 next year the girl would have sexual relations with the boy without marriage. 

King Claudius wants to strengthen his kingdom

Then there was a follower of Jesus who started marrying all virgin girls and virgin boys to stop this spreading immorality. King Claudius wanted to achieve victory because his goal was to strengthen his kingdom. 

When the king started recruiting, very few people were ready to join the army, even the people were very unhappy. This news was very disturbing for the king. When the king inquired, it was found that the people were married and living happily with their wives and children and that young people could not give up prosperous lives. The focus of the youth was on their wives and children instead of wars.

St. Valentine arrested and imprisoned

Now seeing these circumstances, the king announced that no young man would be able to get married in this government. The king banned marriages and announced severe punishment.

Under restrictions, a young St. Valentine secretly arranged marriages. When the news reached King, he arrested St. Valentine and imprisoned him. 

Saint Valentine fell in love

During his imprisonment, he befriended the jailer, Osiris, because he was influenced by the morals of the jailer. Meanwhile, the jailer’s daughter, Julia, was a blind girl, fell in love with the Saint and brought a gift of red flowers to the Saint every day. Then the charisma happened. 

Julia’s eyes came back charismatic. Seeing this charisma, Julia’s whole family went crazy.

When the news of their love reached the king, the king made a condition with the Saint that he should adopt the Roman religion, that is, idolatry, or else he would be beheaded. The Saint refused and he was hanged on the 14th of February. 

Saint wrote a love letter to Julia

Before the execution, the Saint wrote a letter to Julia (from your Valentine) which is why Valentine’s Day was celebrated.

St. Valentine’s Day 

The event remained silent until the twelfth century AD. Some conspiratorial minds then conceived of a festival called Lopiclia, which a Christian pastor labeled as St. Valentine’s Day and spread it around the world as Valentine’s Day to gain public sympathy. Could do Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day. The holiday season begins in Louisville. It may be wrong to say what Pope Galileus has to do with the fact that he replaced St. Valentine’s Day in the part of Loncaralia.

Saint’s love story remembered today

February 14th is associated with the name of Saint Valentine who fell in love with Julia. Saint’s love story is remembered today and people give each other red flowers and gifts on February 14th to express their love. Today, February 14th has gained special significance. it is now celebrated in Europe or even in Asian countries.

But today we are adopting the culture of non-Muslims. In the excitement of celebrating this day, we have moved away from Islamic traditions. Celebrating this day, today’s youth is bred, it has no idea, while it is the goal of non-Muslims to turn Muslims away from Islamic traditions. Let the Muslims be afflicted with evil.


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