20 Reasons Why Education Is Important

There are 20 reasons why education is important. These reasons paint a vivid picture of the
importance of education. Some are self-explanatory, like the fact that education can open the
door to a better life and increase one’s potential for success. Others explain why education is so
essential and necessary, such as the fact that it prepares students for the world they will enter
when they go to school.


Education opens a child’s eyes to the world around them. It broadens his perspective on people
and events in his immediate environment. It introduces him to new cultures and makes him
familiar with the terminology and different rituals of those cultures. Without education, a child is
cut off from the world and can become isolated and intolerant of those who do not share his

It helps to form attitudes and beliefs that last a lifetime. Without education, some children grow
up to be religious fundamentalists. Others become intolerant of other religions and turn their
backs on what they consider to be “heathenry.” Without an education, some people grow up to
be violent, criminal elements or even world leaders. Others find a path in education and use their
knowledge to help build a better life for themselves.

Education empowers

Education empowers a child. It gives him a basic understanding of the world. It helps him to
develop a proper set of beliefs and values. Without such education, a child grows up with no firm
foundation upon which to stand. He may have a strong opinion one way, but when put into
contact with another person whose point of view is different, he may easily waver.

Without education, a child often suffers from emotional and behavioral problems. This happens
because education provides a framework for the child’s emotional and behavioral development.
Without the educational stimulation, he will never learn. He may become anti-social and
unstable. His only way of dealing with these situations is by resorting to violence, stealing or
emulating the wrong behaviors of others.

If a country falls below the international average of students for the developed world, then there
is a need to address the problem. How can a country raise the average so that it becomes a
higher income nation? It requires a properly educated population. Through education, the brain
is molded so that it can produce the right results. Through education, a child can grow and
develop as he approaches adulthood.


Through education, the future is safeguarded. There is more chance of people growing up
healthy and disease free. A healthy mind and body mean healthy behavior. Behavior that can
prevent health problems in later life and can alleviate the symptoms of diseases can be
developed through education.

Education is not free. It does require a certain amount of sacrifice from the student and his/her
family. However, what is taken from the parents is a return as a fruitful result in the form of a well
trained and socially mature adult. Education helps individuals grow and develop in their personal
lives, for the sake of society. So go ahead and support your kid’s/children’s education!

Social Development

Education brings with it social development. The classroom teaches values and norms to the
young minds that will become part of his/her future life. It is necessary that the values instilled
are not just restricted to school but spread to the homes as well. A family needs to be
progressive. And education helps make this happen.

Self Reliance

Education opens the door to self-determination and self reliance. It encourages a sense of
responsibility and hence acts as a deterrent to crime. When a person is determined, he will not
feel insecure. When you see so many young people at the streets with guns, you start to think
that those kids have been brainwashed by a corrupted society and they will end up in trouble.
But if the kid has a good education and no criminal record, then you can be sure that he/she will
become a responsible individual and will deter criminals from taking them on.

Personality and Behavior

Education empowers the child’s personality and reduces the chances of behavioral problems in
him at a later stage in life. Research has shown that there is a strong link between education
and behavior. A study made on a group of children in a juvenile detention center and an adult
prison found that the subjects who did not finish their primary education had more aggressive
tendencies. Those who completed their secondary education were far less likely to indulge in
criminal activities. These results were consistent across all the subjects studied.


So, if you are looking for a reason to celebrate, then I would suggest you give priority to
education. Education is important in everything that we do in life and also in the survival of our
planet. Without education, we cannot survive. So give your child his/her right to have an

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