3 Ways to Turn Off Car GPS Tracker

Ways to Turn Off Car GPS Tracker

GPS is a feature that is presented to ensure the security and safety of vehicle owners. With GPS, vehicle owners can track the car’s position even up to a radius of several kilometers. It is expected to minimize theft because the owner can immediately find out the location of the car.

GPS tracker on the car is controlled using an application on a smartphone. That way, even though the vehicle is far away, it can still track its location via the application that is on the smartphone as long as the GPS in the car is on.

However, sometimes car owners feel that the tracking device on the car is not needed.

Through the application

The GPS Car Tracker embedded in the car is a single application that is connected to the cellphone. Therefore, activating, controlling, tracking, and deactivating can be done via the application.

All you have to do is open the application on your smartphone and select the menu to turn off the GPS function. There are many GPS applications available for the beloved car. Even if the vehicle doesn’t have a built-in GPS installed, we can add it ourselves and then choose the application to use.

For example, there is an application with a cut engine feature in the form of a button that can be used to turn off the GPS.

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 By sending short messages

Not only through the application, how to turn off the car GPS can also use short messages or SMS sent to certain numbers. Usually, the car owner will only be asked to send a message with a simple format to deactivate the GPS function in the car.

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