4 Important Tips For Visiting All 50 States

Traveling is good for you. It broadens your horizons, increases your knowledge, and gives you experiences. Add in the fact that the average American adult hasn’t even visited half of their own country, and you have a recipe for missed opportunities.

Visiting all 50 states is a worthy goal, especially if you’re a seasoned traveler. You need to see sights, interact with people and learn experiences outside your comfort zone. Everything’s smaller when you look at things from the comfort of your own home.

So put down the remote, pack your bag, and prepare for a grand adventure. Here are some tips on how to visit all 50 states in the US.

4 Tips When Visiting All 50 States

There are a few essential tips to keep in mind when visiting all 50 states. Here are some excellent travel tips you can apply:

1. Plan Ahead

Since this is a large country, planning is essential. Start by considering your travel interests and the experiences you want to have.

For example, a road trip might be right for you if you’re more interested in learning about native culture. Consider doing a motorcycle tour or skydiving if you want a bigger adrenaline rush.

2. Group States Together

If you plan to visit all 50 states in the U.S., a good strategy is to group states together based on location. For example, you could see all New England states at once or all of the Southern states. This can help you save time and money on travel.

Another tip is to research the must-see attractions in each state so you can plan your trip accordingly. For example, if you’re visiting Florida, you might want to visit Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. And in New York, you might want to see the Statue of Liberty or take a walk through Central Park.

3. Take Long Drives

When you take long drives, ensure your vehicle is in good shape. This means having fresh oil, good tires, and a full gas tank.

You must also bring plenty of snacks and drinks for the drive. Choose a route that allows you to see different parts of the country. This can be a more scenic route than the fastest way to your destination.

You should also take breaks! Don’t try to drive too long without a break. This can lead to drowsy driving and increases your risk of getting in an accident.

4. Know Where to Stay

When planning a cross-country trip to visit all 50 states, knowing where to stay is essential. A hotel is an obvious choice for many, but there are other options.

If you’re on a budget, try looking for Airbnbs or hostels in the cities you visit. If you want a unique experience, you can look for campgrounds or even stay in a van. You can rent an RV that doesn’t only give you access to transportation but gives you a home while traveling too!

Sounds Like A Plan!

If you’re planning a trip across America, be sure to remember these tips! Visiting all 50 states is hard, but it’s good to try it! They’ll help you make the most of your journey and see all the amazing things each state offers.

Traveling is a good outlet when you need space or fresh air. So gas up the car, pack your bags, and hit the open road for a perfect road trip! Make it a memorable one, and enjoy each state that you’ll visit.

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