5 deadly weapons used by the Ottomans Usmania sultanate

5 deadly weapons used by the Ottomans Usmania sultanate

As the Ottoman empire ruled three continents and is considered one of the great empire in the history of world. The Ottoman empire was established in 1300 and ruled up to 1920 over three continents. In this article we will study a brief introduction about the five weapons used by Ottoman soldiers and kings. So here we go.


A Kilij is a type of one handed, single edged and moderately curved sword that was used by Timureds, Mamluks, Ottomans and Turk Khanates. The Kilij were developed from the earlier Turk and Mongol sabers. It became to recognize in the late 15th century. Its earliest example can be found associated with the late Hsiung-nu and kok Turk empires.


The yatagan is a type of Ottoman knife that was used from the mid-16th to late-19th century and consist of a single edged and slightly curved blade with a bone or ivory hilt. The blade wan 60-80cm long. The mass of this weapon was 0.85kg. Its place of origin was the Yatagan present in Turkey and was formed from Damascus steel. This weapon was extensively used by the ottomans and the areas under Ottomans influence. The eraliest exampe of Yatagan is the weapon that was made for the Ottoman 10th emperor Suleiman the Magnificent or Suleiman Alqanoni that ruled about 46 years over 25 million people.


The mace were used by many in the history with a lot of designs. The ottomans also uses mace. In addition, the Ottoman maces were blunt with no or little sharp edges and were used with brute force to damage armored opponents usually using blades as the struggled to penetrate foot soldeir armours. They could get caught and stuck in opponents plating.


The Volley gun is a gun with multiple single-shot barrels that shoot projectiles in volley fire, either simultaneously or in succession. These were capable of unleashing intense firepower. The volley guns differ from modern machine guns in that they lack autoloading and automatic fire mechanisms, and therefore their fire volume is limited by the number of barrels bundled together. The Ottomans were one of the first to use volley guns. The Ottoman Volley guns were crafted out of pure bronze and used 9 barreled wheeled canons capable to thin out infantry groups. They fired stone pellets at tremendous speed toward opponents.


The Dardanelles gun is a 15th-century siege and super-sized bombard canon and was crafted in bronze. It was built by Munir Ali an engineer of the Turkish amilitary in 1464 and modelled after the Orban bombared that was used in Ottoman war with constantipole in 1453. However, its mass was 16800kg and its Barrel length was 518 cm (204 in) with a Diameter of 1,054 mm (41.5 in). It was able to fire 28.4 inch stones weighing upto 1000 pounds upto a mile. Along with other huge canons, the dardanelles gun was still present for duty more than 340 years later in 1807 and was used to fight British.

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