50+ Writing My Essay Topics for Synthesis Essay

An outstanding synthesis essay requires a specific set of skills. However, the most crucial and initial step is to choose the right topic. Students are often assigned an essay topic along with the instruction. However, your teacher might ask you to select the topic on your own. They might take this step to assess your critical thinking. The good news is that you can hire a Writing My Essay service to submit quality work. 

Writing My Essay Guide to Synthesis Essay Topics

Selecting the appropriate synthesis essay topic might feel quite challenging. You need to research and brainstorm unique ideas. To help you with your endeavor, we have compiled some excellent synthesis essay topics recommended by Write My Essay For Me experts. 

  • Easy Topics

  1. How social media influences the young generation?
  2. How did World War II affect Germany?
  3. Matriarchy vs. Patriarchy: Pros and Cons
  4. Does class size have an impact on student’s academic performance?
  5. What are current social issues that need to be highlighted?
  • Good Topics

  1. How can you encourage kids to do social work? 
  2. Has the definition of love changed over the past ten years?
  3. Why are cosmetic surgeries becoming popular and common?
  4. Every citizen should have free access to medical service
  5. The role of invasive species
  • Funny Topics

  1. Is the customer always right?
  2. What does your cat think?
  3. Can dogs or cats rule the world?
  4. What is the ugliest song in the world?
  5. Why are comic heroes the best inspiration for kids?
  • On Technology

  1. Impact of machine learning on business productivity
  2. Do modern technology widens the gap between the poor and the rich?
  3. How has artificial intelligence changed the working environment? 
  4. Are violent video games responsible for escalating real-world violence?
  • On Education

  1. Should college athletes be reimbursed for their efforts?
  2. Does technology pose a threat to the traditional classroom?
  3. Should higher education be offered for free?
  4. Does dress code impacts students’ academic performance?
  5. Should K-12 teachers be permitted to carry firearms on campus?
  • On Global Warming

  1. Role of air pollution on global warming?
  2. How effective are conservation efforts in the prevention of terrestrial species extinction due to global warming
  3. Does the use of fossil fuels lead to global warming?
  4. How effective are mitigation efforts in the face of renewable energy sources and global warming?
  5. How is global warming responsible for marine species extinction?
  • On Society

  1. Influence of the modern workplace on the behavior of minority workers
  2. Is it time to abolish the death penalty in the country?
  3. Should the manufacturing and selling of tobacco be declared illegal?
  4. How should educators and lawmakers handle minority group members who don’t adhere to mainstream behavioral patterns?
  5. Is modern society as supportive of women as it is of men?
  • On Health

  1. Should insurance cover the alternative medication?
  2. How poverty affects children’s health?
  3. Can people’s routines help them maintain a healthy life and reduce healthcare costs?
  4. Should insurance cover cosmetic surgeries?
  5. Should marijuana be legalized in the United States?
  • Argumentative Topics

  1. Does Instagram dictate beauty standards for women?
  2. Is the internet making us less social?
  3. Should schools and colleges add more outdoor activities?
  4. How do global warming impact agriculture and influence the rising price of food?
  5. Can artificial intelligence replace the human brain?
  • Inspiring Topics

  1. How can a pet change your life?
  2. Can artificial intelligence control our world?
  3. How can you protect children from domestic violence?
  4. Can euthanasia be considered mercy?
  5. Tips to stay active and get rid of boredom. 
  • Explanatory Topics
  1. Why is racism still a topic of concern?
  2. How much control do humans have over their lives?
  3. How does immigration influence the economy of the US?
  4. How can we stop the body-shaming culture?
  5. How can we rationalize the mind of a religious fanatic?
  • Informative Topics

  1. Reasons why war is not an option to solve conflicts?
  2. Why is a PG13 disclaimer important for violent content?
  3. Are drones breaching people’s privacy?
  4. The order of death penalties in developed countries.
  5. Does life exist in a place beyond Earth?
  • Research Topics

  1. Have advanced mediums made communication difficult or more accessible?
  2. Should same-sex marriage be banned or legalized?
  3. Is space exploration crucial to human survival?
  4. How can we control internet pornography?
  5. The reasons for the spike in divorce rates in the past few years
  • For College Assignment

  1. Does everyone in the world have access to clean water?
  2. How can I improve my standard of living?
  3. What effort can we take to make our environment cleaner?
  4. Is human DNA closer to banana DNA?
  5. Why is the city’s traffic increasing every year?

In a Nut Shell

An outstanding synthesis essay requires an excellent topic. We hope the above ideas will help you craft exceptional work and earn good grades. A synthesis essay should be written with a meticulous approach and involve significant sources. If you struggle with any aspect, you can take the help of the Writing My Essay service.

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