6 Pro Tips for Using Bitcoin This Year

Bitcoin didn’t get much attention when it was first created. It was used mainly by tech enthusiasts who saw the value in a decentralized currency. However, that’s changed now that the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed and made people millions.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now a common investment for people of all ages. Believe it or not, reports show that 46 million Americans have now invested in Bitcoin.

If you’re thinking of using Bitcoin and trading it on the market, there are several tips you need to know to get started the right way. Keep reading to learn what you need to invest in Bitcoin with success.

1. Understand the Technology

While trading on a cryptocurrency market might seem similar to your typical investing methods, there are a lot of differences. Yes, you’ll have an order book that lets you buy and sell as you expect, but there is much more you can do with your purchase after you buy.

That’s why it pays to understand more about Bitcoin before purchasing. You don’t have to leave your purchase on an exchange after you buy. You can send it to a private wallet and then send it wherever you want.

Bitcoin can also act as a payment method for people interested in using it. Learn more about the technology behind Bitcoin and what it takes to send what you hold to other individuals.

2. Determine Your Purchase Strategy

There’s more than one way to begin investing in Bitcoin. You can hold on to what you own and hope to sell later, or you can become a regular trader and try to make a profit this way. Here are the common strategies Bitcoin users try when investing in cryptocurrency.


The buy-and-hold investing strategy is for people investing in Bitcoin for the long haul. They expect the value of this cryptocurrency to keep going up over time.

And when experts predict the price of Bitcoin to go over $100,000 in the future, it’s no surprise people feel this way. The number of Bitcoin coins will eventually stop increasing, which means there will be a limit to the amount of Bitcoin in the world.

You have a couple of options when going for this strategy. The first is to invest the total amount of money you want to invest all at once and forget about it. In this case, you don’t need to keep looking at and worrying about charts.

Your other option is to dollar-cost-average your holdings. You gain price exposure at several levels doing this. Because of that, this method is one of the most popular ways to buy and hold Bitcoin.

Medium-Term Trades

The price of Bitcoin can be volatile in the short term. It can experience periods of growth and go up in price by thousands of dollars. At the same time, it can also drop in price even more.

That’s an opportunity for people who want to try and predict the market. If you buy Bitcoin at a low price and expect it to go up, you can trade on that margin and make money.

However, these aren’t quick trades. Price swings like this can take weeks or months to happen. This is an excellent strategy if you have patience and are willing to wait for a profit.

Swing Trading

Swing trading is another popular trading method when people purchase Bitcoin. Just like there can be big swings in price over time, there can be smaller swings on a short-term basis. The price of Bitcoin can change by hundreds of dollars over the day.

Many people take advantage of this and trade those margins. The profits are smaller, but you’ll make more trades using this method. Over time, successful trades will add up to profit for investors.

However, swing trading may carry more risk than the other types of Bitcoin investing. You’ll need to learn how to read financial charts to figure out how to predict Bitcoin’s price action. Otherwise, you’ll probably make losing trades and lose your money.

3. Find a Reputable Exchange

There are many places to buy Bitcoin these days. Cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to purchase Bitcoin and countless other cryptocurrencies. However, not every exchange has a great past.

Try to stick with the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges when you buy cryptocurrency. Check your exchange options to see how long they have been open and how much trading happens on the platform.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are also big targets for hackers, so many companies experience attacks. Check the history of the exchanges you’re considering to see if they have had those issues before.

You also need to find an exchange that follows the rules in your country. Take residents in the United States, for instance. Financial institutions need to verify their customers before taking their money.

They use a “Know Your Customer” process to verify their users’ identities. If the exchange you use doesn’t do this, they may not legally be operating in your region.

4. Expect Volatility

Even though many people expect Bitcoin to rise as an alternative currency, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect many pricing changes. The price of Bitcoin changes daily and can change drastically in a short time.

Because of that, you can’t go into Bitcoin with the expectation that you’ll retain your wealth in short amounts of time. The price of Bitcoin has dropped 50% in the past, so you should go in with the expectation that this can happen to you.

However, that doesn’t mean you should panic when this happens. Bitcoin has gone up historically and regained the price it lost.

The time you lose money is when you sell. You lock in your losses when you sell instead of staying patient until prices stabilize and go up again.

If you’re concerned about big price drops, you can put a stop loss on the trading platform you use. If the price of Bitcoin goes below what you want, the trading platform will automatically sell for you to stop bigger losses.

5. Learn About Private Wallets

If you want, you can store all your Bitcoin holdings on a trading exchange. However, you don’t have complete control over your holdings if you go this route. The exchange you use controls your Bitcoin wallet and can access your funds.

This isn’t a big problem in most situations. But you must know you can lose money if something bad happens to that exchange.

If you don’t plan to trade your Bitcoin, it’s usually a wiser choice to store it in a private wallet. You get a private Bitcoin address and seed phrase to access your holdings. You store these things on digital apps or a hardware cryptocurrency wallet.

Nobody can access your holdings in this case unless they have your wallet address and seed phrase. You’re immune to attacks against your cryptocurrency exchange and won’t lose money when that happens.

Of course, you have extra responsibility in this case too. It’s on you to keep track of your wallet address and means of access. You’ll lose all your holdings if you lose access to your private wallet.

6. Learn When to Exit

Most people invest in Bitcoin to make a profit. They see the price swings with the currency and want to buy and sell at the right time.

If you’re in this situation, you need to learn when to take a profit. Consider your trading strategy to determine when it makes sense to withdraw your money. Will you wait until a certain amount of profit, or will you wait until Bitcoin hits an all-time high and withdraw then?

You also have more ways than ever to spend your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency if you want to make use of it. You can use crypto debit cards to spend Bitcoin and stable coins instead of withdrawing your holdings to your bank.

There are also Bitcoin ATMs available that offer cash for your holdings. This is a great way to quickly get cash for your holdings, so make sure you check it out.

Don’t Jump Into Using Bitcoin on a Whim

With all the stories of people striking it rich when they buy cryptocurrency, it’s tempting to jump in as soon as possible to take advantage of the trend. However, a few people making a lot of money doesn’t mean you’ll have the same success.

You’ll need to learn what it takes to invest in cryptocurrency if you want to do so without losing your money. Remember the tips above when using Bitcoin to ensure you make smart investing choices.

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