8 winter foods to keep you warm

Now winter is on its way. Do you really want to know 8 winter foods to keep you warm? In winter body experience different changes in energy levels, metabolism, etc.

Most people skip the gym in winter and try to warm themselves with foods usually when the temperature goes down. We can fuel our body with the foods that raise our body, s temperature. As a result, we feel warm.

Foods that take more time to digest can actually raise our body temperature. In winter, try to eat foods that are rich in healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

Take foods that can digest in more time to keep the body warm.

Eat oats in winter

In winter’s breakfast, take a bowl of oats or other types of porridge. It is one of the great sources of fiber and whole grains. Fiber is very good for our health. It improves cholesterol levels. As a result, you feel full and warm.

Dates in winter

Dates can also warm your body. It contains iron, protein, vitamin, and calcium in it. It can maintain or boost our immune system. Add some dates in your daily diet to keep yourself healthy too. Dates have several antioxidants and fight disease. In addition, it also promotes brain health.

Gajjar ka halwa in winter

Take gajjar ka halwa as a dessert. It can warm up your body. Carrot actually contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 Vitamin K1, potassium, biotin and minerals, etc. It helps to maintain cholesterol levels and strengthen our bodies. It also promotes eye health.

Soup in winter

Soup is one of the perfect food for winter, you know why, because if you take chicken or veggies soup . It contains a lot of nutrients like vitamin, minerals, protein and calories etc. It is good for energy metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system.

Dried fruits in winter

Dried fruits are full of nutrients and also warm your body. There are a variety of dried fruits. Such as almonds, walnut raisins, and cashews, etc. If you take a hand full of it, you will definitely win to warm your body. It contains vitamin E and Omega fats also in it.

Fried fish in winter

Fish is one of the best food in winter. Even winter without a fish is not so good. Fish is available easily. In addition, if you are a spice lover then you can also add some spices to it and enjoy the winter. Fish contain a rich amount of nutrients such as protein, minerals, iodine, and omega 3.

Potatoes in winter

Potatoes contain nutrients in a rich amount such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and a high amount of calories. It has antioxidants properties too. You can eat it as fried chips or also in the form of Pakoras.

Broccoli and Cauliflower in winter

Cruciferous veggies are a good source for the immune system. It helps you to fight with cold and keep yourself warm. However, it contains Vitamin C in a rich amount which is known to boost immunity. In addition, it contains, Iron Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and improves the digestive process also.

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