A Brief Guide to Hotel Loyalty Programs

There are currently over 700,000 hotels in the world. Many of them are associated with chains. But, when you’re traveling, you want to get the best deal.

Have you considered using loyalty programs to your advantage? It can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what they are.

Read on to learn about hotel loyalty programs.

What Are Hotel Loyalty Programs?

Beyond excellent amenities and good customer service, how do hotels keep customers coming back again and again? Well, customer loyalty programs are part of the answer.

These programs work as a marketing strategy—they get more potential customers interested in booking a visit to a hotel in the first place and could entice them into coming back again and again.

Different customer loyalty programs might work in different ways. Some might be based on points, for example.

Hotel loyalty programs also tend to have different levels. The higher you get, the more benefits and discounts you’ll be entitled to when you stay at a hotel chain.

Benefits of Hotel Loyalty Programs

Of course, you’re likely to save money when participating in a hotel loyalty program—but that’s not the only benefit you. You may get complimentary services during your visit. Free room service is one major amenity that tends to be offered to loyalty members.

You can get discounts so that you’ll be able to pay less for your hotels, making it easier for you to travel worldwide. You might even end up with future free stays—giving you a chance to enjoy even more vacation days!

The benefits of these programs ultimately rely on which ones you choose. For example, some hotel loyalty programs partner with airlines or frequent flier programs. These can help ensure that your entire trip is cheaper than it otherwise would be.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious experience, hotel loyalty programs can help you. You might be eligible for a room upgrade, or you might even be able to get upgraded flights.

Some programs have benefits others might not offer, so weighing the pros and cons is essential. For example, you might be thinking about the difference between Marriott Bonvoy vs Hilton Honors. The best program depends on your specific needs.

There are some drawbacks, however. For example, you may have to pay an annual fee for program membership. Or, you may have to use your membership for a certain amount to keep your level within the program.

Choosing Hotel Loyalty Programs: Now You Know

There are a lot of benefits to hotel loyalty programs—if you choose the right ones. So, you’ll need to do plenty of research, and then you’ll be jetting out on your next vacation in no time at all.

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