A Guide on the Main Types of Coffee Roasts

If you’re looking to become a coffee connoisseur, you have to start with the basics.

Coffee beans are grown all over the world these days, but the oldest and most popular ones come from Ethiopia, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Columbia. Where you get your coffee is an important part of the flavor, but another important part is how it’s roasted.

In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the main types of coffee roasts that are in use today. One of the great joys of drinking coffee is learning about different coffee styles and enjoying them for what they are. Keep reading, and you’ll be making the best coffee roasts in no time.

Light Roast

If you’re someone that doesn’t like their coffee to be deep and strong, you’ll probably gravitate towards a light roast. Some people will even go as far as drinking white roast, but we’re not going to go there today.

Light roast beans are roasted for a short amount of time, reaching an internal temperature of between 356°F and 401°F. When a bean is roasted, it loses caffeine and acidity, so light roast beans have the most caffeine.

In terms of flavor, you’re getting some of that acidity, so it’ll have notes of fruit, especially citrus. A light roast is also good for adding milk and supplements for wellness.

Medium Roast

Medium roast coffee is roasted for a longer period, so it reaches internal temperatures of at least 410°F. They continue roasting until after the first crack but before the second one occurs.

The flavor of medium roast has a bit more body than light roast, but it retains some of the acidity. It’s what most Americans are used to drinking when they make their morning coffee from a machine or a French press.

When you see “House Blend,” “Breakfast Roast,” or “American Roast” at a coffee shop, these are all medium roasts.

Dark Roast

When you become a coffee expert, you’ll really start to enjoy the full spectrum of coffee roasts, especially dark ones. The roasting temperature here is between 464°F and 482°F, and you’ll see visible oils on the beans, which come from the roasting process.

You won’t have any of the original flavors in a dark roast, just the roasting flavor. They’re usually a bit sweeter because the sugars from the beans have been fully extracted and have caramelized. The flavor should be rich, full-bodied, and a bit smokey, with none of the acidity that you get in lighter roasts.

Enjoying All Different Types of Coffee Roasts

These are the 3 main types of coffee roasts that you’ll see in the store and at your local cafe. The benefits of coffee are endless, so get at least a cup per day, and don’t hesitate to vary your roasting styles each time.

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