Al-Biruni and his adventure to ‘Capture Time’

Do you want to know who was Al-Biruni and his adventure to ‘Capture Time’? Al-Biruni born in 973 AD in Khwarezm, which is now known as Uzbekistan. He learned Arabic and Persian from the beginning.

In addition, he studies religious sciences such as the Quran, grammar, theology, and law. As well as he also learned non-Arabic sciences such as astronomy, mathematics, and medicine which were purely based on Greek theory.

Al-Biruni and his adventure to ‘Capture Time’ were actually because of the command given by Allah in the Quran to “examine the motion of the sun and the moon.”

Al-Biruni attachment to time

However, he was extremely attached to the time, the past, the present, and the future. Al-Biruni was an intelligent mathematician, he liked to spend most of his lifetime measuring time through astronomy and chronometry.

Searching for knowledge

Al-Biruni spent his life searching for knowledge. In addition he wrote 140 books. Twenty books are still saved in their original form. Most of the books are based on Al-Biruni’s research on accurate measurement of the future, to recognize geography through mathematics, geometry, geology, astronomy, and applied mathematics.

Al-Qanun al-Masudi

In his one of the most popular books, Al-Qanun al-Masudi, he presents the rules for measuring the earth and the stars. His passion with timing also takes him to research the passage of time.

Al-Athar al-Baqiyyah al-Qarun al-Khaliyah

In his book Al-Athar al-Baqiyyah al-Qarun al-Khaliyah, he narrates the events of the past centuries. In addition, after researching the calendars of different religions, he talks about the festivals and beliefs of different cultures and civilizations also. 

Al-Hind or History of India

When Al Biruni was in India, he wrote one of the best books Al-Hind or History of India, which was considered his most famous work. In this book, he researched the beliefs, culture and civilization of the people in India who became immortal. 

Al Biruni is known as the founder of the Study of India. Al-Biruni also succeeded in his adventure to capture the present.

Political Career

Historians were not impressed by the political career of Al-Biruni. Therefore we rarely find references to him in history. However, somewhere we must find its reflection. 

He was given high positions in various clamorous monarchical governments in the eastern part of the Gilan Sea. These monarchical regimes came to an end very soon.

Al-Biruni became very popular here, he got the attention of very astute politicians, poets, and thinkers but soon these governments would have ended.

In the latest government, people from prior governments could also get positions, but if their faithfulness to the old government were powerful, they could try their prosperity elsewhere.

Death of Al-Biruni

Al-Biruni died at the age of 77. He died on December 13, 1048, in Ghazni, present-day Afghanistan. 

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