Al-Kindi the founder of Arab philosophy

Al-Kindi the founder of Arab philosophy

Do you know about Al-Kindi the founder of Arab philosophy? The name Kundi refers to the membership of the Arab tribe Kanda. Kundi’s genealogy goes back to Al-Ishaat bin Qais. Al-Ishaat bin Qais was a friend of the Prophet of Islam.

Al-Kindi’s father was a prince of Kufa. In addition, he was born into a wealthy and high-ranking family. He received the title of “Arab Philosopher”. It indicates that he laid the foundation of philosophy in Arabic.

Al-Kindi was not only a great philosopher. He also had a practical significance of his work which could be used in the military field as well. His glass work was used as a weapon by the caliph’s army.

He also worked on different types of swords and iron. In addition, he gave specific instructions on their use.He also explained how to make the best weapons from them.

Researches of Al-Kindi

Al-Kindi researched ocean tides, thunderstorms, and other meteorological trends. He did research on animals and bees. His perfumes and distance measurements are also popular. He also worked on politics and ethics and compiled a collection of Socrates’ sayings. 

Al-Kandi wrote on dealing with grief and sadness and on governance. He also did research on the soul and his work on religious conflicts with non-Islamic groups. In addition, he worked on astronomy, cosmology, medicine, mathematics, geometry, arithmetic, circles and music.

He also worked on logic, and philosophy. He examined what the curriculum of philosophy should be. However, he examined the order of Aristotle’s books and his most comprehensive work, First Philosophy . From anyone’s point of view, this is definitely a very impressive list. 

However, time has not been kind to Al-Kindi’s library for a long time. We have lost most of the work done by this productive and intelligent thinker.

Al-Kindi’s love poem

Al-Kindi’s biographers also cite a love poem by him, which reads:

I love four things about you in my four parts.

I don’t know what makes me forget to breathe.

Your face in my eyes, your taste in my mouth. Your words in my ears or love for you in my heart.

The great Arabic philosopher Al-Kandi was a man who lived as he thought and felt. There is no confirmed date of when he passed away but according to some sources he died around 873.

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