Alert from Embassy of Pakistan-Abu Dhabi

It is to notify you about the alert from the embassy of Pakistan-Abu Dhabi which is posted today. The embassy of Pakistan-Abu Dhabi advises the Pakistani,s who are living in the United Arab Emirates, that they should obey the local laws of the holding country while using the social media platform.

If the Pakistani community member faced any issue in the United Arab Emirates, they should contact to embassy instead of posting it on social media platforms. They should respect the countries law.

Relationship between UAE and Pakistan

There is a lot of Pakistani people who are living in the UAE. Most of them are employees there and there is a bilateral relationship between Pakistan and the UAE.

Pakistan was the first country who recognize UAE in 1971. Both are Muslim countries therefore they both are close to each other. UAE is one of the major donors of Pakistan to provide economic and financial support.

Sheik Zayad bin Sultan al Nahyan was the founder and first president of the UAE. However, bcoz they are close to each other, therefore Pakistan named the different airports, hospitals and bridges on the name of Sheikh Zayed. Such as Sheikh Zayed bridge in swat valley and the Sheikh Zayed Medical complex in Lahore.

Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi

The Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi represents Pakistan in UAE. The embassy of Pakistan is located in Abu Dhabi. The incumbent Ambassador of Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates is Ghulam Dastgir. There is also a Pakistani consulate general in Dubai, who works under the embassy.

The Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi provides different services such as Machine Readable Passports, NADRA ID cards, and Visa, etc. Almost 500 people visit the Embassy daily for various services and issues.

The Embassy also facilitated around 24,000 Pakistanis during the Covid-19 crisis to go back to their country.

Contact details of Pakistani embassy in Abu Dhabi

The embassy of Pakistan-Abu Dhabi is located at Plot No: 2, Sector W59, Diplomatic Enclave Abu Dhabi, UAE. One can also be contact by telephone number (2) 444 7800.

Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi closed on public holidays. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, opening hours of the embassy are affected. Contact the embassy if you want to know about the opening hours.

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