Aventurine vs Jade: What Are the Differences?

The precious mineral market in the United States was worth just over 28 billion dollars in 2019. The more precious the mineral, the more they tend to work.

But, money isn’t everything. You might be looking for jewelry based on how they appeal to your fashion sense or so many other factors.

For example, people who like a lot of green in their fashion might be considering jade or aventurine. But, how do you decide what stone is right for you?

Let’s go through the differences between aventurine vs jade.

What Is Jade?

Jade is a mineral that is almost always green. It does come in different shades, however – and the darker the jade, the more the stone tends to be worth.

There are two main varieties of jade: jadeite and nephrite. Different types of jade can be found in Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, the United States, China, and other nations.

There are also some jade benefits you might want to think about. Some cultures believe that jade makes you luckier, so if you have jade jewelry, you might want to try and wear some to the casino.

If you’re struggling with your relationships, you might want to look into jade. Jade is thought to help you form more mature and longer-lasting relationships, ones that you fully feel loved and accepted in.

What Is Aventurine?

Aventurine is a variety of quartz, otherwise known as Chalcedony. It often contains flakes of other minerals, which gives it an appearance similar to jade.

Some minerals often found in aventurine include mica, hematite, and goethite. Aventurine, as a rule, is much more translucent than jade, which tends to be opaque.

Unlike jade, aventurine is more likely to come in different colors than just green. Aventurine is worth a lot less than jade, as a rule, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great stone for beautiful jewelry. The stones are usually found in countries like Brazil, Tanzania, and Austria.

To learn more, check out this info on green aventurine stone to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Similarities Between Jade and Aventurine

Of course, aventurine and jade do have some things in common – beyond their green shades. Aventurine and jade are both strong on the Mohs scale, between six and seven. This makes them better stones for everyday wear, and means they stand up better to heavy use.

Both stones can also be incorporated into a wide range of jewelry, either as a primary or secondary stone. So, jade or aventurine jewelry are great options for those looking for ways to mix up their street style.

Aventurine vs Jade: Now You Know

Now that you’re aware of the differences between aventurine vs jade, you can shop for the jewelry that’s right for you.

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