Bella Poarch Age – Facts About Her Family and Birthday

If you’re wondering about Bella Poarch’s age, you’ve come to the right place. Born in the Philippines, she turned social media personality at a very early age. Bella, 21, created the most popular video on TikTok on August 17, 2020. She lip-synced to British rapper M to the B. In addition, the star has two tattoos. Read on to learn about her family and her birthday.

Bella Poarch was born on 8 February 1997 in the Philippines

Before pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, Bella Poarch studied at a prestigious US university and served in the military. As of 2020, she is currently a renowned social media influencer, singer, and content creator. Born to Filipino parents, she was raised in a poor neighborhood by her maternal grandmother. Her adoptive family, however, is a mixed-race couple. The father is a White American and the mother is Filipino. After being adopted, Bella Poarch attended a private university in Texas. Her adoptive parents met and fell in love in Saudi Arabia, and they later remarried.

Bella Poarch never knew her biological parents and grew up in poverty. She and her younger brother, Ted, lived with a grandmother until they were three years old. As a child, Bella watched anime and video games and loved to draw. She was adopted by a US military couple while she was still a child. The couple then moved to the US when she was thirteen years old. Eventually, the couple bought a farm in the Philippines and brought the children to the U.S. They adopted both Bella and Ted and kept their privacy secure.

She is 21 years old

Bella Poarch is an internet sensation with over 85 million followers and 1.9 billion followers on TikTok. The 21-year-old is an avid animal lover and has performed on various red carpets. She has also been nominated for the MTV Millenial Awards and MTV Video Music Awards. Bretman Rock, a cousin of Bella Poarch, is her boyfriend. The internet sensation has also appeared in numerous interviews with VOGUE and has inked a lot of stylish tattoos on her body.

Poarch was born in the Philippines, where she lived as a child. She later moved to Hawaii with her family and enlisted in the U.S. Navy as she got older. The actress and singer has also used her real name Taylor in some pictures and on other pages, but it may not be. As a matter of fact, her real name is Bella Narie Poarch. Her birthday is February 8, but there is a lot of debate over whether or not Bella Poarch is a Filipina.

She has two tattoos

While it may be shocking to hear that Bella Poarch has two tattoos, her body art is anything but ordinary. In fact, the teen sensation has a ton of body art, spanning from a colorful tiger to a dragonfly. While most young women are hesitant to reveal their tattoos, Bella decided to share hers with her fans in an Instagram comment. Fortunately, her fans are happy that she did!

In her tattoo gallery, Bella Poarch has a number of designs, including a mysterious butterfly on her back. While the meaning behind the tattoo is unknown, fans can assume that it means something significant to her. In addition to the dragonfly on her forearm, Bella Poarch has a sleeve of tattoos covering her entire arm and back. The tattoos are a way for her to process the traumatic experience she suffered when she was a child.

She has a brother

While fans are thrilled to know that Bella Poarch has a brother, the truth is that she has a very private family. Although she has opened up about her mental health, few people know that she has a brother and sister. If this is the case, it could explain the fact that she has so many fans. In her recent interview, she said that she is extremely proud of her siblings and has a brother.

Bella Poarch was born in the Philippines on February 9, 1997. She lived with her grandmother until the age of three, when she was adopted by an American family. She was raised by a Filipino grandmother in a slum. Her family eventually moved to an agricultural property, where she was given responsibility for the farm. She grew up learning to milk cows and other chores by helping her parents farm the land.

She has an unmarried boyfriend

As of June 2018, Bella Poarch has no known relationship. It is unknown whether she is married or not. However, her social media pages are dominated by rumors regarding her love life. Her love life is currently on the rocks due to recent public statements about Asian discrimination in the US. In a video she uploaded to TikTok, she discussed how she was a victim of such discrimination. Poarch is a strong advocate for gender equality and women’s rights.

Bella Poarch has a net worth of around $200K USD. Her net worth may have increased in recent months as a result of her endorsement deals with major brands. She spends time cooking, shopping, and traveling. She is single and does not have children. Her popularity has allowed her to earn over 59 million followers on TikTok and a large following on Instagram and other social media sites.


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