Breast Implant Surgery: Everything You Need to Know


Are you thinking of getting breast implants? They’re a big decision, one that takes a lot of thought and planning. But when the time comes to have them done, it’s all smooth sailing.

The best part is having bigger, enhanced breasts! To know everything about breast implant surgery, keep on reading.

Types of Breast Implants

If you are considering breast implant surgery, it is important to be informed about the different types of breast implants available. The most common types of breast implants are saline and silicone gel.

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water and are less likely to leak than silicone gel implants. Silicone gel implants are pre-filled with silicone gel and are considered more natural looking and feeling than saline implants.

The Surgery Itself

If you are considering breast implant surgery, here is everything you need to know. Breast implants are not one size fits all.

There are many different breast implant size range, so it is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to find the right implants for your body.

The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, meaning you’ll be asleep during the procedure. The doctor will make an incision, usually around the areola or under the breast, and insert the implants.

Once the implants are in place, the doctor will close the incisions with stitches or surgical tape. The whole surgery usually takes one to two hours.

The Recovery Process

After your surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room where you will be closely monitored. You will likely feel groggy and sore. You may also have drains in place to remove excess fluid. You will be given pain medication to help keep you comfortable.

Most people stay in the recovery room for one to two hours. Once you are alert and feeling better, you will be discharged home. It is important to have someone drive you home and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours after surgery.

You will need to take it easy for a few days and avoid any strenuous activity. You should also avoid saunas, hot tubs, and swimming pools during the recovery period.

Follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully and contact your surgeon if you have any questions or concerns.

Potential Complications

Potential complications of breast implant surgery include infection, capsular contracture, implant rupture, implant deflation, and nipple/breast sensations. Infection can occur at any point after surgery and can require multiple rounds of antibiotics to treat.

Capsular contracture is a hardened capsule of scar tissue that forms around the implant, which can cause pain and distortion of the breast shape. Implant rupture and deflation can occur due to trauma or age and may require the removal of the implant.

Nipple and breast sensations can be reduced or lost completely due to damage to the nerves during surgery.

Know Breast Implant Surgery Now

Breast implant surgery can be a great way to improve your appearance and boost your confidence. However, it’s important to understand the risks involved and be sure to choose a reputable surgeon.

Breast implant surgery is not right for everyone, so be sure to do your research and talk to your doctor to see if it’s right for you.

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