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Bride Dies of Heart Attack After Crying To Much

A newly married woman in India suffered a attack and died after crying “too much” at the time of her stay, leaving her family and guests sad and shocked. According to, the lady suffered a attack after she stopped crying because of excessive emotional stress. some days ago this tragic incident came about in Sonepur, Odisha.

The bride’s family says she was healthy and had no underlying health condition. At the time of marriage, in keeping with the family, the bride – identified as Gupteshwari Sahu (Rosie) – was fine. the subsequent morning, however, as she was getting ready to leave her parents’ house along with her groom Biscayne Pradhan, she couldn’t control her emotions and kept on crying.Witnesses present at the marriage told local media that the bride cried most that she fainted after which she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

However, doctors, declared her dead and said the reason for death was a heart attack.

According to one amongst the guests present at the marriage, Rosie was distressed for an extended time as her father had died some months earlier.

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