Business Cards: Why Are They Still Relevant in the Digital World?

When the pandemic swept across the world, many businesses had no choice but to send their workers home and improve their digital presence and communications. And while online solutions advanced and revolutionised the operations of companies, people sharply felt the lack of personal interaction. As such, the classic act of exchanging business cards will never get outdated. So to make positive and promising connections, you should consider business card printing. And here’s why:

#1 They Are Personal

Any amount of Zoom calls and Google meetings cannot replace physical interactions. As such, offering your business card to a client or a valuable connection is similar to a warm, firm handshake. It gives the receiver the impression that you are interested in furthering your professional connection. And when you receive a business card, etiquette demands that you give it a good look instead of indifferently putting it in your wallet or pocket. Meanwhile, when someone feeds your phone number and email into their phone, they do not give it a once-over and might eventually forget about it. But, when you transfer someone’s details from a business card to a phone, you actively consider your professional rapport.

#2 Digital Advertising Can Get Stale

Many people consider digital ads a distraction and a nuisance, as they pop up unannounced and clutter your screen. Meanwhile, small though they are, business cards have an enormous impact. Distributing business cards gives people a thumbnail view of you, your company, and its services. Having specific people’s contact information eliminates the burden of sifting through web pages and LinkedIn profiles to find the right person. As such, the contact information on your business card serves as an excellent call to action.

#3 Create and Enhance Brand Reputation

Good publicity is vital for any brand to flourish, and the company’s employees contribute to the positive reputation of their workplace when they win people over effectively. So, giving someone your business card will make you and your company memorable because the gesture says, “Let’s stay in touch” or “Let’s connect soon.” It shows the recipient you are courteous and personally interested in serving and guiding them. Associating names and faces with organisations elevates your relationship with them because the organisation is no longer a digital entity with a blue and good logo or a brick-and-mortar store on Little Smith Street.

#4 People Will Discuss You

Professionals talk about their Rolodexes. So, suppose you made a great first impression, and your business card stood out. In that case, you might become a conversation topic in a boardroom or a coffee break huddle. And if you run a catering service, a sales director from an IT firm might remember your delectable cocktails and canapés and recommend you for their upcoming corporate event.

#5 It’s Good to Leave a Paper Trail

Clutter is real even in the digital space, while the tangible items in your room and your wallet are more noticeable. Mobile phone contact books require you to click on a name to display additional details like their company and email address. So, unless you’ve grouped your contacts sensibly and inserted pictures, you cannot expect to locate the sweet florist whose name begins with ‘L’ or maybe ‘Z’ who supplied white carnations for your niece’s wedding last December.

Say It With a Card — A Business Card

Business cards are not simple rectangles of paper that you exchange as a formality. They are valuable branding and marketing tools that garner recognition for you and your business. So, approach the best business card printing services in your city and create a fantastic stack you will be proud and confident to hand out. Nevertheless, your brand will grow this way very quickly!

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