The Business Central Certified Functional Consultant Certification Program

The Business Central Certified Functional Consultant is an advanced certification designed to take your functional consultancy skills to the next level. This program is designed to build on the functional competency skills that are offered by Business Central Certified – a program designed to help you learn the skills needed for successful business consulting practice.

What is a Certified Functional Consultant company?

Certified Functional Consultants (CFCs) are a new breed of business professionals. They are strategic thinkers and problem solvers, who use their skills to diagnose and resolve business challenges. A CFC is not just an IT specialist or a systems engineer – they are a unique breed of professional with the skills to help businesses make innovative changes, solve problems, and grow sustainably.

What is the Certified Functional Consultant Certification Program?

The Business Central Functional Consultant Sertificering program is the official certification program for CFCs. It offers training, certification, and support to help practitioners achieve the highest level of competence in their field. The program provides individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to become an integral part of a company’s problem-solving team. It also establishes CFCs as leaders in the field, recognized by their peers for their expertise and commitment to improving business performance.

Why should I care about the Certified Functional Consultant Certification Program?

The Certified Functional Consultant Certification Program provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in today’s competitive market. By becoming certified, CFCs can command a higher salary and have more opportunities for advancement. In addition, certified CFCs are respected.

The Value of a Certified Functional Consultant

For businesses of all sizes, there’s no substitute for the value a Certified Functional Consultant brings. In fact, certified professionals within the Functional Consultant field boast an impressive range of skills and experience that can be invaluable to any organization. The Business Central Certified Function Consultant Certification Program was created to recognize and certify individuals who have passed rigorous fundamental and technical exams and completed a series of project assignments.

The certification program provides businesses with a resourceful professional with the proper skillset to help solve business problems. A certified professional can be an important part of any organization, providing expertise in areas such as process improvement, business analysis, strategic planning, systems development, change management, and more.

The benefits of becoming certified include an increased sense of self-confidence and competence; better relationships with clients and colleagues; and opportunities for career growth and advancement. Organizations with certified functional consultants offer organizations solutions tailored to their specific needs – from assessing processes and problem areas to completing system redesigns. By establishing comprehensive working relationships with clients, certified functional consultants help ensure that objectives are met and goals are reached.

Functional consultants have a wealth of skills and experience to offer businesses of all sizes – whether it’s improving efficiency or streamlining operations. 

How to get certified for Business Central

The Business Central Certified Functional Consultant Certification Program is an authoritative certification program that provides a pathway to escalate your career in business central consulting. You can become certified by passing the comprehensive exam and completing the required coursework.

The program provides comprehensive coverage of the business central product line, from data management to web development. You will learn how to use industry-leading tools and technologies to consult with businesses, deliver value-added services, and ensure compliance with regulations.

To become certified, you must pass an 80-question exam that covers all the topics in the curriculum. The certification is valid for five years. After you have passed the exam and completed the required coursework, you will receive a certificate of certification.

If you are interested in becoming certified, our online learning portal offers a step-by-step guide to get started. The portal includes video tutorials that demonstrate how to complete the required coursework and take the exam. You can also access VSDC’s library of free resources, read blog posts and reviews written by other certification candidates, join discussion groups, and more.

Register for the certification today and learn how to elevate your career in business central consulting.


The Benefits of Certified Functional Consultants

Certified functional consultants (CFCs) hold specialized skills and knowledge in the fields of business analysis, systems analysis, engineering analysis, and software development. Employers who seek to appoint a CFC can benefit from several advantages that the certification program affords.

Certified functional consultants earn more money: A study by the Society for Manufacturing Engineering found that CFCs earned an average of $101,000 more than those without certification. 

Certified functional consultants are in high demand: A study by the National Association for Professional Services found that 65% of employers surveyed said they would hire a certified functional consultant over a noncertified candidate in an identical position. 

Certified functional consultants have more credibility: A study by the Corporate Executive Board found that 97% of CFC respondents thought their certification enhanced their credibility as an expert in their field. 

Certified functional consultants are better qualified: A study by the Society for Information Technology Professionals found that CFCs have higher levels of technical expertise than noncertified candidates in similar positions.


If you’re looking to start or build a successful business, the Certified Functional Consultant certification program could be the right fit for you. The program offers current and aspiring functional consultants access to valuable resources and training that will help them develop their business skills. Plus, if you complete all of the required coursework and pass the certification exam, you’ll receive a Certified Functional Consultant credential that will show clients and colleagues that you are qualified to provide professional advice on functional problems. If this sounds like something you want to pursue, then don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the program and how we can help get you started.


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