Choosing a Memory Care Facility

When choosing a memory care facility for your loved one, it’s important to choose one that has adequate staff and the appropriate amenities. These facilities should provide a range of activities for residents with different levels of cognitive ability. The staff should be patient and gentle, guiding residents through tasks and activities in a way that doesn’t escalate their anxiety. The facility should also have a safety plan for emergencies.

One of the most important factors to look for in a memory care facility is safety. Each community implements safety measures differently. Look for secure entrances and exits, emergency alerts, and a specialized security system. You should also consider hallways and wide doors. These things are important in order to ensure that residents can access rooms and get help if necessary.

A memory care facility’s staff is experienced in dealing with the various symptoms of dementia and are trained to help residents live life to the fullest. In addition, they provide a variety of enriching activities that help residents improve their memory and maintain their skills. Oftentimes, a memory care facility’s staff is specially trained to deal with difficult behaviors and dementia symptoms. They also offer non-drug therapies that reduce the need for antipsychotic medications.

While the Pavilion CEO declined to discuss Wright’s case, he did say the facility has several reasons to reject an applicant. These reasons can range from financial problems to a lack of trust in the staff. For this reason, the facility isn’t able to accommodate Wright. In the meantime, it’s up to the family to make the right decision for their loved one.

Memory care is the fastest-growing senior care type in the U.S., and it offers similar services to assisted living and skilled nursing. In addition to providing meals, these facilities also offer 24-hour monitoring and special memory-enhancing therapies. This type of care is geared toward those with severe memory loss and offers an environment designed to ensure a quality of life for each resident.

While many memory care facilities offer a range of services, there are many other factors that must be considered when choosing a facility. Make a list of questions to ask before deciding on a memory care community. These questions are important for the safety and comfort of your loved one. It’s also important to consider the price, as a memory care facility can become costly.

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