How to Link Nin to MTN

If you have been blocked from using MTN after using Nin, you may be wondering how to link Nin to MTN. Fortunately, there’s a way around the problem. If you want to connect Nin to MTN, you’ll need to know the code for the USSD.

USSD code

In order to link your Nin to MTN, you’ll need to know the USSD code to make your mobile service available. The code is usually found on your device’s dial pad. The code will let you connect up to seven mobile numbers at one time. You can even link feature phones to Nin using this USSD code.

Linking your Nin to MTN is a mandatory requirement in Nigeria. Failure to do so will result in the blocking of your mobile phone number. The government initially set a deadline of December 2020 but this date has been repeatedly extended from month to month. This has caused many consumers to rush to enrollment centers in the hopes of linking their Nin to their MTN service.

Getting an MTN SIM with your NIN is now mandatory in Nigeria due to the government’s policy. You can link your NIN to your MTN account by using the USSD code or MyMTN App. In addition to linking your NIN to your MTN line, you can also link your NIN to your MTN account through MyMTN’s NIN Portal.

The fastest way to link your Nin to MTN is to use the USSD code. This code can be found on your MyMTN app or in the NIMC Mobile ID application. The USSD code for linking Nin to MTN is *785#. The first time you use the code, you need to know your current phone number. After you have entered your current phone number, you should get a message telling you that your NIN has been linked to your MTN account.

You can now link your Nin to your MTN account with your MTN phone by using the USSD code or URL. If you have misplaced your NIN, you can still link your phone with it by dialing *346#. *346# is also the code for linking your driver’s license, voter’s license, and BVN registration. To ensure security, it’s best to make a screenshot of your NIN before you lose it.

Enrolment centres

The National Identification Number (NIN) is an important document that must be protected. It should not be disclosed to anyone except to the proper authorities. MTN and the NIMC are working together to ensure that the NIN enrolment process is successful. They are also collaborating to ensure that subscribers’ records are kept up-to-date.

MTN has commenced bulk NIN verification and plans to link NIN to all SIM cards. The NCC has granted licences to the major mobile network operators and companies to conduct the process of NIN enrolment. MTN Nigeria was given a NIN enrolment license and has begun enrolment in 36 centres in the country.

You can complete the pre-enrolment form online or offline and submit it to the nearest NIMC Registration Centre. You can also dial *346# to retrieve your NIN. Once you have your NIN, you can link it to your MTN number through four methods.

Registering your NIN with MTN

If you have not registered your NIN with MTN, you can do it via the MTN app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. The app requires you to enter your NIN and your mobile number. You will then be asked to verify your NIN, and once this is done, the account will be linked to your MTN number.

After you have registered your NIN with MTN, you can access your account and start using your phone. First, you need to login to the myMTN app. Next, you should fill up the pre-enrolment form, and submit it at your nearest NIMC registration centre.

Next, you should get the USSD code and URL that will allow you to link your phone to your NIN. You can also use these numbers if you have misplaced or lost your NIN. The USSD code for this service is *346#. It is also associated with your driver’s licence and voter’s card. Make sure you capture a screenshot of the number before it disappears.

Once you have your NIN linked to your phone number, you can then link other numbers using the myMTN App. You can then make phone calls to these numbers using the NIN to confirm their ownership. MTN will also send you a feedback message once your NIN has been linked to your account.

Once you’ve linked your NIN, you can use the USSD code to verify if it has been properly linked. You can also go to any bank and get a replacement NIN slip. You can also use the Remita service to pay for N500 tokens and request for the printout of your NIN slip.

Registering your NIN via the NIMC MobileID app

You can use the NIMC mobile ID application to register your NIN with the government. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices. To use it, you must have your National Identity Number (NIN), which you can find on your national identity slip. You can also retrieve your NIN by dialing *346# from a registered phone line.

The mobile ID app has many advantages over a physical ID card. It allows you to carry your national identity wherever you go, and you can link your NIN to your mobile number. The app also lets you link other numbers to your NIN. You can also access government services and government websites through your mobile phone, and sign up for new services and programs.

To register your NIN through the NIMC MobileID app, you must first download the app to your mobile phone. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. After downloading the app, you need to input your NIN and phone number. The app will then send you an One Time Password (OTP) which you can use to verify your identity.

The NIMC MobileID app works with all Federal and State government-approved social identity cards. All you need to have is your 11-digit NIN and a mobile phone number. Do not use your BVN or any other fake identity to register. This can lead to blacklisting.

In addition to the NIN Mobile ID, you can also register your NIN via the NIMC Virtual ID. This service is available on iPhone and Android devices for free. It allows you to manage up to 5 devices and lock them away when not in use. The Federal Government of Nigeria has certified the app, making it a secure and reliable application.

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