Delayed marriage is a waste ?

Delays of marriage badly ? Delayed marriage is a waste ? Delaying children’s wedding is being made to our society. The dictatorship of the delay is the common responsibility. Those who are good to find good for their children’s age. And somewhere you are responsible for themselves.

Because our young generation is wasting the precious time of his youth in the cycle of being a sealed today, today is called for a wedding that the boy will do something, then you will be married. Instead of seeing our young generation towards the west, change themselves from the light of the Qur’an and the sun, and when the marriage marriages, then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) will be worshiping the Sunnah and the worship of Allah will be as well as according to their promise.

Once a sin attended the sermon’s service, when the complaint of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said. As Allah is aware: “Do not marry those who are aware of the male unbelievers, and their good sacrifices and lumps. If they are also anxious, Allah will make them glorite with His grace. Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). “(Sahib al-Nazar.” 35 Allah Almighty has made their wives for their comfort and comfort. As it is said: “And its signs are that your wives created from the same age, that you may bring comfort to them and established a sympathy between you, surely there are many signs for those who believe.” (Sahi Al-Nomra .21)

Today is why the time to see the signs of Allah and to consider the signs of God? Twenty-five years passes through education, then the next two years are going to find jobs and collect money for marriage. Till then, the lining of the face is increasingly lost, and the parents start looking for a beautiful bride for their boy. It is also with girls.

Girls are looking for a boy as much as they are read. And if a rich song is married to marry a small-known medal class boy, then the problem of parents’ eight stands. Somewhere the families of the standards stand up. Many girls are older in the courtyard of the Senan, which is older in the courtyard of Babylon, then on the other hand, parents often find their daughter-in-law in the house of a horse riding on the horse riding the sky.

Marriage is a basic requirement of human being a person to completely. If you think of society, then the half-riots of the world are under the same as the same as the psychological desire. Who does not know who is climbing the unclean in the society while staying so far in the environment. Young generation meets this requirement in unusual relations, opium and non-sharp ways.

From the top to use the Internet and mobile use of children. Parents are situated by eyes that their children make a girlfriend or boyfriend before the Facebook Wats app and other social media from twenty-five years old, but twenty-five children know about children’s marriage. In such circumstances, the marriage needs to be easy.

So that the overall society can be taken into a positive direction. Do not be late in my children’s wedding in the sky, status of the family, job, jobs, etc. for Allah. Your children should not say anything and shame because of your respect, but you do not only do wrong to them in their wedding, but they are disgraceing their right.

They are also responsible for taking evil. If our tradition in the society should be encouraged to see the proper relationship between child or child when it is twenty years old or not only by the choice of children, but it will not only reduce social evils, but the mobile phone and internet friendships can also be able to do good things, Allah will give good to every daughter.

Thank you.

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