Did Jinnah disinherit his daughter Dina?

In this article we will discuss did Jinnah disinherit his daughter Dina Wadia? This is about 15 November 1938, when Quaid e Azam,s daughter married Parsi boy Neville Wadia.

This is a reality that the Quaid was not happy with this marriage. He tried to stop her from marrying a Parsi boy but he failed. Quaid e Azam had not attended the wedding ceremony of his daughter but he sent a flower bouquet through his driver named Abdul Hai on the special day of marriage.

Dina was the only child of Jinnah. In 1929, she was only 10 years old when her mother Rattenbei died. After her, Jinnah decided to live in London. However, with her sister and daughter, he shifted to London. They also admitted Dina Wadia to a London school.

In 1934, Muslims of Bombay elected the Quaid as the representative to the central legislative assembly. Therefore Quaid decided to return from London and he becomes busy in political affairs. Therefore Quaid and his sister Fatima mostly live in Delhi.

In 1936, Jinnah asked his daughter Dina to came back to India. Jinnah was very busy in political affairs, therefore he decided that Dina should live with her maternal grandfather.

This decision was proved good at that time because Dina gets affection and love from them. But on the other hand, Dina had adopted the Parsi culture. Even though she decided to marry Parsi boy Neville Wadia.

When the Quaid knows about this decision he tried and asked Dina not to marry him but he failed. Quaid asked Moulana Shoukat Ali to guide the Dina about the importance of Islamic rules and law but they both failed to change her thoughts.

However, Quaid asked her, if you decide to a married Parsi boy I will not interfere in your decision, but after that, you will not remain Muslim and you are not my daughter anymore.

After her marriage, Quaid never met with her in his whole life. Even though when the Quaid was in the last moment of life he was so sick. Dina desired to meet him but he refused. He remains strict on his decision. Even till the last time he never saw her and Dina also did not saw him.

Who was Dina Wadia?

Dina Wadia was the only child of Quaid e Azam, the founder of Pakistan. Her mother’s name was Rattanbai Petit. Emibai Jinnah was her stepmother.

She was born on 15 august 1919 in London. Her paternal grandfather’s name was Jinnah Bhai Poonja. He was a prosperous merchant. They belonged to the khoja caste. They converted to Islam from Hinduism.

Her mother was Parsi and converted to Islam when she married Jinnah. Her aunt was Fatima Jinnah, who is known as the ‘mother of the nation’ because of her efforts in the Pakistan movement.

After marriage, Dina Wadia lived in Bombay and she had one son and one daughter. Her marriage did not last long. They separated in 1943.

Dina Wadia visited Pakistan twice, once in 1948 when Jinnah died, and in 2004 during an Indian-Pakistan cricket match. Dina Wadia died on November 2, 2017, in New York.

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