Economic and Social status of women in Saudi Arabia has changed

The economic and social status of women in Saudi Arabia has changed. World Bank lists Saudi Arabia as one of the best countries to take effective measures for the welfare of women.
Riyadh: The incumbent Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is taking many steps to change the social and economic condition of local women. As a result, many restrictions on women have been lifted. And the door to employment and business participation has been opened for them. For all these measures, the World Bank has declared Saudi Arabia as the best country.

World bank report

In a recent report released by the World Bank, Saudi Arabia called on countries working for women’s welfare and reform.
According to a report by the World Bank, the government of Saudi Arabia, while acknowledging legislation for women in the employment and business sectors and giving them maximum rights, ranks the country 80 out of 100.
The report says that Saudi Arabia is at the top of 190 countries in the field of women’s reform.
For the second year in a row, Saudi Arabia has maintained its record of reform for women, according to a World Bank report. The report is based on 8 indicators such as mobility, housing, employment, marriage, child-rearing, retirement, earning wages and property.

Saudi government achieved results in 5 areas

The report says that the Saudi government has achieved 100% results in five key areas such as women’s freedom of movement, employment, business development, retirement and wage-earning.
This is a clear indication of the reforms, legislation, role of women in economic development, allowing women to participate in regional and global competitions and the adoption of the principle of equality between men and women in the country.
The Saudi government has allowed women 21 years of age or older to travel freely, prepare all the necessary family data for themselves, equalize the retirement age of men and women, and help women find employment.
The report says that Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 has facilitated reforms for women in the kingdom, including the right to protect women from discrimination in the workplace and in the office.
Vision 2030, which is considered a symbol of progress in Saudi Arabia, has adopted the principle of maximum empowerment of women. After the release of the World Bank report, the Saudi Minister of Commerce congratulated the leadership of the kingdom and the nation.

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