Fabrication of flexible solar panel for electrical rickshaw

Fabrication of flexible solar panel for electrical rickshaw.


The product of our project is flexible solar panel. We take the solar cell and a flexible sheet which is made of polypropylene. Then we fabricate the flexible solar panel on the polypropylene sheet. We do soldering and wiring of solar cell on the flexible sheet with the help of machine. Flexible solar panel is a renewable energy.


Flexible solar panel is a lightweight, durable and virtually unbreakable (no glass). It has high efficiency, long lifetime, high reliability and large surface area. Laminated with oxide aluminum+ EVA+ silicon cell+ Tedlar. Efficiency vary on the type panel. Mono crystalline is more efficient than polycrystalline.


Conventional Solar panel is not suitable for curved surfaces especially in electrical automobiles. So the requirement for the flexible solar panel is kept on increasing for uneven surfaces. Many problems arises when we use conventional solar panel instead of flexible panel on electrical automobiles such as rickshaw and bike. Firstly, when an automobile exceeds the speed 50 km/sec, the conventional solar panel break due to drag forces. But the flexible panel remain intact due to its durability at high speed and fitted properly on roof wall. The development of the flexible solar panel would be a big lap in the progress of electrical automobile industry.

Target Market

Our target market is automobile industry. It can be used on electrical automobile such as motor bike, rickshaws, cars and boats. Flexible, low cost off grid PV panel system for home and cabins.

Why people buy our product?

Flexible solar panel is durable, unbreakable and more reliable as compare to solar panel. Easy to used and cost effectiveness is decided by dimension of panel. These panels use less material in their manufacture, so they are cheaper to produce. Less material also mean more flexibility and lighter weight than rigid glass covered panels. Flexible solar panels can fit on uneven surfaces better than conventional solar panel. You can grow your business by this concept of renewable energy.

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