Generation Gap

The fifteen-year-old text was found. When this text was read, it said that the times have become very bad. Now there is no chance of escaping this age. The meaning of a hadith of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is: Do not speak ill of time. You have been created at the best age in your own right.

We all think that this is the modern age, the age before it is old and we also say that age has become very bad. This is a very bad thing. That’s why the times are not bad. It’s just that times have changed. In the past, he used to do what was told to him. And we used to say how obedient he is.

Now that people are literate, if they don’t believe, we say that times are very bad. Because the change in the times is that earlier some people used to exploit and other people used to exploit themselves in silence. As soon as awareness began to create. So people say we don’t exploit. In the past, children were taught what the teacher said. But now they make an argument and we say the child is being rude. In fact, it is not rude, it is different.

This does not mean that he is not respecting you, but that the definition of respect has changed. So this generation gap we call it has happened in every age That the demands of every age have changed. We must understand it and accept it. However, we are not developing an understanding of this, because we do not have a regular system of parenting. We are not going to explain these things in our training. but I don’t think there is any drastic gap.

However, one thing that has been added to the training of the children of this age is something that was not in the previous generation and that thing is the internet. It has changed the paradigm of our training. Today’s child has been trained on the computer. That is, in the past, there was subjective training and now there is objective training.

So because of this objectivity, when the objectivity in life starts to come so much, then the relationships start to break down. Now the way to fill this gap is to strengthen our training system. Parents should be responsible for the training of their children, but they have outsourced the training system.

The parents had to train children to teach manners and ethics. Now they outsource schools by paying money. And the schools that were there became essentially numbers-making machines instead of moral education institutions. Earlier food was prepared by the mother at home but now children order from the food panda.

Where parents had to give their children time, tell stories, tell them good things and teach them Islamic culture. But parents do not have time for that, They also took expensive mobiles that outsourced it. But parents do not have time for that. They also took expensive mobiles that outsourced it. Now a three-year-old child has such a thing On which he could write anything and can see anything. Now it’s up to uncontrol training.

These results make a gap which you call a generation gap. But the solution is that we bring the parenting system into the home. Parents take responsibility for training. If you have younger siblings then you are also their parents and take responsibility for their training in a way. When you start doing this, the gap you are talking about will no longer exist. This is my opinion.

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