Getting The Best Deal For Two-Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

Since a wedding is usually a major event with a large number of ceremonies and people involved, most couples get engaged for a few months or years before they are actually married. Since diamonds are the most valuable precious stones, many couples are interested in purchasing Diamond Engagement Rings which are exchanged during the engagement. Engagement rings are usually replaced with wedding rings after some time, so the couple planning to get engaged is interested in finding affordable diamond rings for their engagement. Since the cost of Lab Created Diamonds is significantly lower than natural diamonds, a large number of couples who are planning to get married, are interested in purchasing these diamonds for their engagement rings. Hence information on lab-grown diamonds is provided below.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that are created using either chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or High-Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT). Though the HPHT process was used initially to make diamonds in labs applying high pressure and temperature, this process is expensive. Hence most of the lab-created diamonds which are available are produced using the CVD process in which the seed crystals produced using HPHT are inserted in a CVD reactor chamber. A mixture of gases containing hydrogen and methane is also injected into the chamber. Due to the high temperature in the chamber the carbon molecules in the gas separate out, and are deposited on the seed crystals in layers to form the diamond rough. These roughs are then cut using lasers and other tools to form lab-created diamonds which are used for making jewelry and for other applications.

Why lab-grown diamonds are better?

One of the main reasons why lab-grown diamonds are considered better than natural diamonds is that the price of lab-grown diamonds is far lower than natural diamonds of the same weight. Naturally mined diamonds are expensive, since mining the diamonds is a very expensive process, digging deep underground for the diamonds. Though the process of making a diamond in the lab is expensive with high pressure, temperatures, and processing expenses, the cost is significantly lower than the cost of mining diamonds for the same size and weight of diamonds, so the lab-created diamonds are available at a far lower price.

A large number of people are purchasing diamonds mainly as precious stones for use in jewelry, to enhance their appearance. They are interested in getting the best diamonds at the lowest price. So for these users, lab-grown diamonds are definitely a better deal since there is no noticeable difference in the appearance of lab-grown and natural diamonds. In some cases, the mined diamonds may also be illegally mined, stolen, or cannot be tracked. In contrast, all the lab-grown diamonds are traceable and have a certificate number so there is no dispute regarding ownership at a later date.

Get to know

Rarecarat is widely regarded as the top ring marketplace in America specializing in engagement and wedding rings and has been featured in New York Times, Forbes, and BBC. Customers can also purchase other jewelry like earrings, pendants, and bracelets. In addition to offering the best prices for the diamonds it sells, it also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for all the jewelry it sells. Depending on their personal preferences, customers can choose from lab-created or natural diamonds. To help customers get the best possible deals, Rarecarat has certified gemologists who offer free unbiased advice.

The marketplace has more than 150 jewelry wholesalers registered with it, to ensure that the customers are getting the best possible price. Artificial intelligence and human expertise are used to help the customer get the best deal. Every diamond sold at rarecarat is inspected for authenticity before shipping it to the customer. Rarecarat also offers free insured shipping for all the diamonds it sells, and free resizing if the customer wishes to change the size of the diamond he has purchased. The customer can also return the diamond within 30 days of purchase. A lifetime warranty is offered on the diamond ring.

How to find good lab-created diamond deals from has a wide variety of diamonds for sale listed on its website. Buyers can start by selecting a style for their rings like solitaire, halo, hidden halo, and 3 stone, He can also choose from different metals like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. For gold, the buyer can choose from 14K gold or 18K gold. After this, the user should choose the lab-grown diamond, based on different parameters like shape, size, and weight. Rarecarat has a large variety of diamonds whose weight in carats varies from 0.15 carats to 15 carats, and the price varies from $100 to $8000 to meet the requirement and budget of its client.

Based on the budget of the client, he can sort the diamonds available from the various wholesalers at based on different criteria like cut, clarity, carat, and color. A large number of diamonds are listed at rarecarat at a price that is far lower than the retail price. Rare carat will also show how much discount is offered on the diamonds available for sale, how much lower the price of the diamonds is compared to the market price, and whether the buyer is getting a good deal. Discount codes are also provided to help diamond buyers save money, and they can get $100 off subscribing to the newsletter.

 2-carat diamonds for sale

Even if the carats or weight of a diamond is the same, the price of a diamond varies depending on the shape or cut of the diamond. Typically round shaped diamonds are the most expensive costing almost twice the cost of cushion-shaped diamonds for smaller sizes. Couples who wish to purchase a two-carat diamond for their engagement ring will find that a lab-grown diamond is far more affordable with prices ranging between $4900- $5700 which is significantly lower than the cost of a natural two-carat diamond which is usually priced between $20500 to $34300. This makes lab-grown diamonds the ideal choice for couples who wish to celebrate their engagement with two-carat diamond engagement rings.

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