High School Research Opportunities

If you are a high school student looking to further your academic career, there are many different ways to do research. You can select a subject area like Science, Engineering, Computer science, or Materials science. These fields are thriving, and they can be fun to learn more about. In addition to demonstrating your research skills, you may even publish your findings.


High school research opportunities in science include a variety of different ways for students to be involved with science. Students can gain research experience through internships with scientists, or by working in a laboratory. In some cases, students can even get paid to do the research. They can also benefit from attending seminars about science and other scientific subjects, and they can learn how to present their findings through poster presentations.

High school students can participate in programs such as The Consortium for the Study of Science, which brings together 80 of the top high school students from across the world to complete authentic science research. This program is run by researchers and provides students with mentorship from professors and experienced scientists. It is also designed to encourage students to pursue careers in science.


If you have an interest in science or engineering, you might consider pursuing a high school research opportunity. A summer program is an excellent option for this, as it offers high school students the opportunity to work closely with graduate students, postdocs, and faculty to conduct research. Typically, the students will be paired with a mentor, who will be an expert in a certain field.

There are many opportunities available to pursue research during high school. It is important to find one that is relevant to your engineering major. If possible, try to join a research lab in your local area. While this may be expensive, it will ensure you have access to specialized equipment that you can use to conduct research. You can also ask professors if they would like you to help them with their research.

Computer science

If you want to learn more about computer science, high school students can take advantage of computer science research opportunities. These opportunities can be found in many ways, including internships and summer research experiences. Choosing the right internship can give you hands-on experience while also preparing you for your future leadership roles.

Summer research opportunities in computer science can be found through summer research programs run by universities and research laboratories. Fermilab offers three such programs, aimed at high school students. The TARGET program, for example, is designed to provide students with hands-on laboratory experience and a chance to work with scientists. Students also get to attend seminars about cutting-edge research and have the chance to present their own work to fellow students at the middle and end of the program.

Materials science

High school students can take advantage of research opportunities in materials science through the MDI Explorer Program. These programs are aimed at providing students with hands-on experience with various characterization techniques used in materials science. These opportunities often include projects and reports that students work on outside of program hours. This can be an excellent way to expose students to a variety of career options.

The program is supported by the National Science Foundation and has many benefits. Students can participate in a three-week workshop and gain a deep understanding of materials science and the academic research environment. Participants are also given an opportunity to see frontier research in action.


Biology offers students a window into the natural world, and several interesting research opportunities are available to help them learn more about the world around them. The key is to sift through the many available options and choose one that fits your interests. Below are some great research opportunities for high school students. Whether you’re interested in studying plant or animal life, genetics, or animal behavior, there is a biology research opportunity out there for you.

If you’re interested in a career in biology, you can find many opportunities through internships and student programs at various institutions. One such program is offered by Hofstra University’s Department of Biology. It offers many different research opportunities, including a summer internship, and includes an application process. The National Science Foundation also offers research opportunities for undergraduate students. Similarly, you can look into opportunities sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency.


If you’re a high school student who is interested in research in the field of chemistry, there are a variety of opportunities available to you. Many of these programs offer students the opportunity to work with a mentor in a laboratory and apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real world. For example, the Department of Chemistry offers a summer program where you can spend two weeks in the lab with graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

The research program is designed to enhance students’ critical thinking skills. It is not a placement process, but rather a hands-on program where high school students work alongside graduate students. They will learn about various kinds of chemical instrumentation, develop research skills, and conduct peer review activities.


The University of Maryland Department of Physics offers high school students a variety of research opportunities. One program, PROPEL, aims to introduce high school students to cutting-edge research taking place at universities. The program is a five-week immersion in a research laboratory. Students participate in an independent research project and receive mentorship from a research faculty member.

Students interested in physics can apply for a summer internship with a faculty member at a university. Some research internships are offered year-round, but many are only available in the summer. Some universities also offer research opportunities for undergraduates at specific labs.

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