How Different States In India Celebrate Bhai Dooj

Universally known as a festival for sisters to express love and care for their brothers. On this auspicious occasion, a sister will perform Arti by applying red Tika and chawal Chawal, which they paste on their brothers’ foreheads. Like Raksha Bandhan, brothers and sisters of all ages take part in the festival. Sisters proceed with the ritual to pray to the Gods to protect them from the bad omen. However, there are a few variations on the Bhai Dooj rituals depending on the cultural background. Read on as we share how different states in India celebrate Bhai Dooj.

History About Bhai Dooj 

According to the Hindu tradition, it is said that after Lord Krishna fought and defeated the demon Narakasura, he visited his sister Subhadra. She welcomed him with flowers and sweets. She also applied Tika on Lord Krishna’s forehead. And that’s believed to be the birth of the Bhai Dooj festival.

Bhai Dooj Celebrations By States

1. West Bengal

Populary known as Bhai Phonta in Western Bengal. Bhai Dooj is part of the tradition; a sister will fast until the ceremony is completed. As the ritual proceeds, a sister will apply tilak (made of ghee, kajal, and sandalwood) and then pray for her brother’s well-being. They both exchange gifts and wrap up the festival with a feast. However, the ritual is only observed by brothers and sisters over the age of 5. 

2. Maharashtra  

Known as Bhai Bij in Maharashtra, this auspicious occasion is considered the best way to nature the sibling relationship. On this occasion, the brothers sit on the floor, and the sister consumes a bitter fruit known as Karith. She will then apply the tilak on her brother’s forehead and prays for his welfare. But, there are some common features we observe regardless of the background, like presenting return bhai dooj gifts for sister

3. Bihar

When compared to other parts of the country, the Bhai Dooj celebrations in Bihar, known as the Yama Dwithiya, are entirely different. Religion has it that the God of death Yama takes away those who others have never cursed. In a bid to protect their brothers, sisters curse and abuse their brothers so that they will not be taken away by Yama. As a way of asking for forgiveness, sisters will pierce their tongues. In return, the brother will bless them by presenting gifts to express their appreciation.

Gift ideas

Though the Bhai Dooj festival may have different names in other states and the customs of celebration, the occasion is celebrated on the same day, which we should all acknowledge. Make the best impressions on your siblings by presenting sweet treats to express your appreciation. There is a wide variety of traditional treats that you can put together from different states, as well as cakes and chocolates.

Bhai Dooj celebrations are held on the second day of Diwali, during the Vikrami Samvat. Since most families gather to celebrate the Diwali festive, you have a better chance of meeting up with your workaholic siblings. So, make lasting impressions on your brothers with practical and personalised gifts they will appreciate. Be the best sister by presenting a stunning personalised bhaubeej gifts for brother. You can also present personalised gifts from apparel, plants and flowers, and mobile phone covers to water bottles.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know about how Bhai Dooj is celebrated in different parts of India. Make the best impressions on your siblings by arranging online gift delivery. With online gift stores, you don’t have to break the bank or sweat to surprise your loved ones. Happy Bhai Dooj.

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