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How Do I Get A Catchy Name On Twitter?

Twitter is a very famous social media platform where people share different content and it can very informative too. This popular application has all the famous celebrities on it and you can follow any famous person on the application without any issues. Getting a Twitter account is a surprisingly easy process, but the same cannot be said for your username on Twitter. 

It is very different to come up with a cool and catch Twitter username that should not e common too so that you can be easily recognizable on the application. So, if you are also stuck in a problem and looking for the best Twitter name for your account then, do not worry as in this guide, we are going to tell you some simple tricks and tips that will help you in getting some aesthetic Twitter names. Read the complete guide very carefully and then choose an awesome name for your Twitter account. 

Why is it Important to have a Good Twitter Username?

Now, you might think that what is the importance of having a good twitter name and that is why we are also telling you that before giving you some Twitter names ideas that you can use for your Twitter handle.

  1. Your username will help others in differentiating your Twitter profile from others
  2. Your Twitter username can also hint at the things that you may tweet about on a regular basis
  3. Your Twitter name will make your profile more interesting and cool

How Can you Look for Some Good Twitter Usernames?

Now, many people often wonder where can they start when they are choosing a Twitter username for their account. In this case, there are some guiding principles that can help you a lot in getting the perfect name for your account. 

  • Start with your name

Well, if you want to go with something simple then, the most obvious choice is your name. You can look for a username that includes some part of your actual name in it. You can try to use either your first or last name with a nickname that people will recognize. 

  • Motive of your Twitter account

You can also look for a twitter name that will tell people about the function of your Twitter account or you can go with the name of your company or the skill that you possess. For example, if you want to post about artsy things you can choose @artstation and if you are a fitness freak then you can go for @missyfit.

  • Use witty puns and wordplay

There are many people who love who like some funny parts in their Twitter handle and this is why you can use some humorous parts in your Twitter username that will attract people and new followers. 

  • Don’t use too many numbers

Many people love to use numbers in their twitter username and it can be a good edition but, you should not overdo and use too many numbers. We recommend that you can use three numbers at Maximum. 

  • Use an underscore

If you are looking for a username that is already taken then, you can use an underscore in the name and you will see that it will be available to you. You can use the underscore at the beginning or the end of the name. But, remember that do not use too many of them. 

You will get some of the best Twitter names when you use these guiding principles to look for your Twitter username. 

You can also use the website Onlinegeeks will help you in getting a list of some very good Twitter names that you can use. 

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