How far does the packaging of candles matter?

Candles hold an aesthetic value in our lives. They give life to any kind of occasion may it be your birthday, the death anniversary of anyone, the welcome party of a person, or the farewell of anyone. Candles give a ray of light as well as a ray of hope to the people wherever they are lit. In the busy lives of people, they always seek a moment of peace and tranquility and I’m that candles take the lead. Burn a candle and sit in a cozy corner; what else you can ask for?

In today’s life, not just candles but candle boxes or packages also hold a great value and position.  Packaging is mandatory when the transfer and travel of candles are involved. Different areas, master the art of producing candles and they then export them to every corner of the world, such transfer is possible when the packaging is strong and versatile enough. The perfect candle boxes are mandatory for a flourishing candle business infact.

Material of candles:

Candles are a sensitive product made of wax and wick. The wax has a lot of ranges in them like soy wax, lemon wax, candle wax, etc. The string or wick is placed in the middle of the candles for lighting and warmth. Candle packaging on the other hand is very important as it protects the sensitive material of wax and wick. Small business packaging ideas tilt more towards innovative designs because they have to make new on the market and that is possible with a good outside along with the inside. With an increase in the use of this commodity, the companies have given proper attention to its manufacture and now impose their names on the boxes also. Some companies wholly deal with candle production and Packaging. They light up the occasions as well as your day-to-day lives.

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Different candle packaging ideas and their importance:

Cardboard candle boxes:

 Cardboard boxes are the lightest yet most highly protective material for candle packaging. They save the candles from outside circumstances and harsh conditions. They are heat resistant, and water resistant and provide due dryness and stability to the product inside. The insertions are also placed in the boxes to keep the candles intact and save them from breakage and bending.

Candles boxes:

The rigid candle boxes are infact the best choice for candle Packaging. The rigidity of the Kraft is beyond perfection and saves the material from harsh conditions and environmental impacts. The rigidity keeps the candles in their original form for longer periods. The rigid boxes come in a great variety like rigid boxes with lids, rod-shaped rigid boxes, and single or double flip boxes.

Metallic boxes:

Metallic boxes are an even more elegant yet economical way of looking for the boxes. Metallic boxes are the strongest of all. They give a royal impression when used for gifting or giving etc. They can bear weight on them and thus are the most suitable ones for long-distance travel and transfer etc. Metallic boxes have lids on them to make them user-friendly and customer oriented.

Window and die-cut boxes:

Windows always impose a very clear yet beautiful look on the boxes. A glimpse of the inside product makes it a presentable and worth-watching treat for the eyes. Besides, this makes identification easy and put the consumers at ease.

Customization of candle jars:

The jars of candles are the most commonly used packaging designs for candles. They protect the candles from becoming de-shaped and damaged. The customization includes some basics in it;

Name of the manufacturers

Address of the manufacturers

Logo of the company

The slogan of the company

Website of the company

And QR code etc.

Besides this, customization includes any specific statement or words that you want to write on the package and so on. The customization further includes the design of the boxes and printing options for making the boxes more attractive and impressive.

Digital printing of the boxes:

The printing options are available to us in a wide variety ranging from simple solid color boxes to a mixture of different colors and digital printing also. The use of CMYK+ PMS has become very common and gives the boxes a ravishing look of brightness and freshness. The design and printing of the boxes depend a lot on the target consumers. If you are gifting some young person candles, the boxes can be of funky colors and muses. If you are gifting candles to some adult or aged person the choice of colors can be sober and mature. Solid colors may work when the receivers are elite and formal ones and so on.

The extras with the candle packaging:

The candle boxes may come with a lot of extras like insertions in the boxes to keep the candles intact and in standing positions. Sometimes candle manufacturers give cards along with the boxes. These cards give identifications to the boxes. Besides the candle boxes may also be decorated with ribbons and laces along with stickers and shimmers etc. These things make the boxes beautiful and worth giving someone. You can buy them for yourself or gift them to others on some occasions and events etc.

Candle fragrances:

The fragrance of candles can take you to a whole new world with its soul-capturing smell and texture. The fragrances depend on the material of the wax being used like lemon flavor, soy flavor, or mixed fruit flavor. Besides other smells are put into the mixture which takes the whole of the environment under its impact and essence.  

Final Word:

So in this present time of continuous hustle, businesses try to surpass others by providing quality and wide options for the consumers’ interests. And in all this, the commodities like candles also hold a  basic position for making a name in the market and standing out among all. 


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