How Movie Streaming Platforms Generate Revenue?

With the advent of the internet, the world has become smaller and more connected. Work, education, payments, and purchases are all being digitized as a result of the global pandemic, and the systems are here to stay. With this, entertainment has also become virtual and people are spending more time online. 

The video streaming market generated $59.14 billion in revenue in 2021. Movies that were previously launched in cinemas are now available online on video-streaming platforms. The online platforms are also being used to launch theaters. There are movies and shows that are created specifically for a particular video streaming platform. In this article, we will go over all the revenue generation models that you can use while working with these online platforms. You need to consider several factors when developing a movie streaming website. 

Generating revenue through a movie streaming platform

There are hundreds of movie streaming platforms in the market. Top players have adapted some revenue models that have worked well for them, Based on the type of video content you intend to put on your movie streaming app and your target audience, you should choose your revenue generation model.

Listed below are all the revenue generation models:


Video on demand (SVOD) is a paid subscription that users purchase in order to have access to video content on the platform for a predetermined period of time. It could be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Subscribers have unlimited access to the videos on the movie streaming platform. SVOD models generate revenue for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and others at this time.


With advertising-based video on demand (AVOD), you generate revenue from advertisements on the movie streaming website. When you build a movie streaming website, it is a good idea to provide content for free in order to gain traction with your target audience. Once you have a large audience, you can approach advertisers for paid advertising.


A transactional video on demand (TVOD) model is when users transact with a movie streaming platform in order to access every video content. It could be a one-time fee that gives lifetime access to the video content, or it could be a rental of the video content for a set period of time. Users cannot access unlimited video content using this model.


With premium video on demand (PVOD), the users get exclusive and early access to the movies launched on the movie streaming platform. It may be one-month early access or one-week early access, depending on the website hosting the video streaming service.

5. Catch-up TV

Users can access content through the video streaming platform for a limited time by paying a minimal fee. Popular television shows are streamed on catch-up TV, which attracts large audiences.

6. Coupons

The best way to capture your target audience to subscribe for a paid subscription is to offer them coupons. Coupons for movie streaming websites can be used to get discounted subscription rates for your website. The amount of discount and the duration of the campaign depends on the branding strategy of the video streaming website.

7. Third-party ad integration

Business owners should have the ability to integrate any third-party ad vendors in their video streaming websites and applications. All major video streaming platforms across the world use popular ad vendors such as Verizon Media, OpenX, AdGear, and AdZerk, which helps monetize the videos hosted on the platform.

8. Crowdfunding and donation

Movie streaming platforms that are yet to be promoted can use crowdfunding and donations to establish themselves in the marketplace. Some established platforms continue to be open to crowdfunding and donations from people who believe in their vision, as well as their work, and would like to contribute financially.

9. In-app purchase

For example, when you start a movie streaming app, you can insert advertisements within the videos or in between the videos. In addition to this, you can integrate in-app purchases, which allow users to purchase items without leaving the app. In order to make the process convenient for the users, you can also integrate a shop and payment methods within the app.

10. Hybrid models

To generate revenue from a movie streaming website, you can utilize more than one monetization model. You can combine two or more monetization models based on your target audience, your geographic location, and the content you provide.

11. Server-side ad insertion

Utilize SSAI to integrate ads into your video stream to bypass ad blockers. SSAI combines ads with video in the content management system, preventing external servers from handling ad-block requests.


Streaming platforms can incorporate these ten revenue generation models interchangeably. The model can be determined based on the age of the platform, user behavior, marketing goals, the video content on the platform, and its target audience. Choose the right model and watch the revenue for your movie streaming platform soar.   


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