How the Ottoman Empire becomes a superpower?

Do you know how the Ottoman Empire becomes a superpower? Here you will know how the Ottoman Empire becomes a superpower? and also how Constinople becomes the new capital of the Ottoman empire.

In April 1453, 21-year-old Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II with his army laid siege to Constantinople. Which was the capital of the thousand-year-old Byzantine Empire.

He recalls a conversation between him and his father. 10 years ago, Sultan Murad II, standing in front of the city walls with his army in the background of shelling. 

Constantinople ‘heart of the universe’

In 1443, Sultan Murad II, standing in front of this historic city and its strong walls. He asks Sultan Muhammad that Constantinople was the heart of the universe. He also told that the person who will conquer Constantinople, the world will be his. Look at the walls that stand in the way of every army that tries to conquer this city. “They stopped me.”

Sultan Muhammad II asked his father why they did not try to fall the walls of Constantinople. His father replied that a powerful weapon that could bring him down had not yet developed.

After that Prince Muhammad said with full confidence, “I will fall down these walls. When I become Sultan, I will conquer Constantinople. “

Then history saw that Sultan Muhammad II came to Constantinople in 1453. He came with a thunderclap that perhaps no enemy in the world had heard before.

Prince Muhammad also defeated the strong walls of Constantinople in 1453 after becoming Sultan Muhammad II. As he promised to his father and made this city “heart of the universe” as the new capital of the Ottoman empire.

The book Guns for the Sultan

Military Power and the Weapons Industry in the Ottoman Empire states that the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans is an example that by 1450 cannons had become the decisive weapon for siege wars.

Importantly, in addition to adopting the modern technology of the time, the Ottoman Empire had the resources and facilities to manufacture large-scale weapons, which gave it an advantage over its European opponents.

Around the same time, an artisan appeared at the court of Orban Sultan Muhammad II and presented the design of a cannon, which he claimed his bullets would tear down the city’s historic walls. He said the cannon would be eight meters long and would cost 10,000 dollars.

Master Orban and his cannon

However, Sultan Muhammad II ask the artisan that if the cannon tore down the walls of Constantinople, he will give four times as much, but he asked that the cannon should be ready within 3 months. Master Orban belongs to Hungary and he was a very skilled mechanic.

History shows that Sultan Muhammad II accepted Orban’s offer. During the siege of Constantinople, his cannon could only fire seven times a day and had to be repaired in May. But its heavy shells severely damaged the walls of the besieged city and played a key role in the Ottoman conquest.

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