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How to Become a Sneakerhead

Does your love for sneakers run deep?

Does the thought of collecting them get your blood pumping?

With a global sneaker market value of $91 billion, and growing, chances are you are not alone! And there’s a name for sneaker fanatics—sneakerheads!

All sneakerheads have a passion for shoes, but there is more to it than just an interest in functional and stylish footwear. There is a craft to being a sneakerhead—one that combines your unique sneakerhead style with common sense and smart shopping.

Keep reading for some easy tips on how to successfully become a sneakerhead and part of the growing sneakerhead culture!

1. Budgeting for Sneakers

Because sneakerheads are a passionate bunch when it comes to sneakers, they often push financial logic out the door when they see a pair they want.

When you start building your sneaker collection, the first thing you should do is set a budget. Set aside a fixed amount every month to spend on new shoes. If your budget is tight as it is, there are ways around this!

Find a side-hustle income source, or even better, get a part-time gig at a sneaker store, where you can earn extra money and get discounts on shoes.

2. Buy Sneakers Regularly

Sneakerheads know how to buy sneakers. Not only do they make regular sneaker purchases, but they know how to do research as well. Here are some ways to be a smart sneaker shopper.

  • Make regular visits to athletic stores in shopping malls
  • Do research online for sneaker availabilities and prices
  • Follow social media profiles of big athletic brands for the latest sneaker updates
  • Visit consignment and thrift stores for vintage finds

3. Pick a Sneaker “Niche”

Most sneakerheads develop a preference for specific brands or styles. No two sneakerheads have the same collections!

There are no right or wrong brands to buy. Maybe you prefer unique colorways, high-top basketball shoes, or skate shoes. Some might prefer Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, or other smaller brands.

Follow your personal taste—if you like them, and they fit your style, buy them!

4. Show Them Off

Some sneakerheads keep their sneakers hidden away at home, but these great sneakerhead shoes are meant to be worn! Add a killer pair of sneakers to make your outfit, post to social media, and get people talking.

Keep the look fresh by replacing your laces with some cool trendy Adidas shoelaces or other accessories.

5. Sell Them if You Don’t Wear Them Anymore

Have a pair of shoes you don’t wear anymore?

Look to sell them to make money towards new sneaker purchases! There is always someone on the lookout for older or vintage models. Take good care of them and they are sure to fetch more money. Keep the original box and accessories, if possible.

The Sneakerhead Universe

Follow the tips on this list and you’ll be a part of global sneaker culture before you know it! Plan and research your purchases, but most of all, it’s all about passion and love for sneakers. Enjoy your sneaker journey!

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