Closet is full, yet you have nothing to wear? Do you know the dilemma? Then it is high time for a closet detox! It only takes three questions to really help you clean out. And after that you will have enough time to play with live dealer casino.

Twenty-five white T-shirts, ten pairs of blue jeans, five gray hoodies, and an infinite number of different clothes in between, all threatening to disappear under the textile pile. The dilemma of a too full closet probably knows many. Are you one of them? Then three simple questions should help you to get some perspective again.


How much time would you save if you did not search for the perfect outfit every day, but simply took a look in your closet and had the said piece right in front of your eyes? As much as we love shopping, as much as we love having the freedom to choose from a seemingly endless flood of clothes – it is plenty overwhelming. And above all, it is unnecessary. Because in the end, we reach for our favorite jeans, our favorite dress, or our favorite skirt. Rarely are we aware of how much we really have in our closet. High time for a closet detox!


The cold season is perfect for a closet detox, because you won’t miss anything outside. Take a look at every single piece of clothing you own and ask yourself the following three questions:

  • Does it fit you? 
  • Have you worn it three times? 
  • Do you love it?

If you answer “no” to one or even more of these questions, you can be sure that you have a so-called closet corpse in your hands – in other words, an item of clothing that you can safely dispose of. Because you won’t miss it if 1. it does not fit you anyway, 2. you have not worn it three times yet, and 3. you do not love it. Then that piece is just taking up space and maybe even blocking your view of a piece you clearly like better! 

Clean out: The more often, the better. That does not only apply to you wardrobe. However, you have to start somewhere.

This procedure is a bit tedious at the beginning. It takes time and nerves. But if you develop a routine of cleaning out every month or at least once a quarter, it will soon become much quicker and easier.


It is not so easy to get rid of things you do not really need anymore. But decluttering is important – it is beneficial for your mind and makes room for something new! 

Your rooms reflect your mind and have a big impact on your mood. Therefore, you should not hoard old stuff in the apartment, but sort out all the junk. There are a few methods that can help with decluttering. Find the right tidying method that suits your personality. Here we have an overview for you: Tidying up: tips for a tidy home. 

Free yourself from mental stress and clean out properly:

Fix a date

Do everything calmly and in small steps. Set a decluttering day, but clearly define what part you are going for. It is enough to start with just a closet or a bookshelf and not turn the whole apartment upside down.

Set a reward

Getting rid of clutter is a good reason to clean out. But another reward is even more motivating. Either reward others by gifting them your sorted out items, or treat yourself to a bargain at your favorite clothing store right after the job is done. Motivation is everything.

Clean out on your own

You are big and can decide for yourself what you need and what you do not. Do not let yourself be influenced – neither by a girlfriend, nor by music. Because if you listen to music, some things may go easier due to emotional mood swings – but you end up cleaning out the wrong things. Ask yourself the question: How much do I really need to be happy? Less is more, as minimalism goes.

Clean out: If, then properly

Have you set your sights on the closet in the living room? Then first everything out! Now there is no turning a blind eye. Every single piece should be taken in hand. And then it is not goodbye, but think about what you want to keep. Be positive, it makes it easier.

Get rid of ballast: Free yourself

Decluttering does not mean rearranging. Some things simply have to go, because that is the only way you can get rid of ballast! 

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