How to Design a Tattoo: 6 Tips for Rising Tattoo Artists

There are over 31,000 tattoo artist businesses in the U.S, which shows how popular becoming a tattoo artist is.

Learning how to design a tattoo is essential for developing your style and growing your client base. But, like with any new venture, it’s difficult knowing where to start. Perhaps that’s why you’re here; you want to learn how to design a tattoo and are looking for tips.

Hit the nail on the head? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are six tips on how to design a tattoo.

1. Get Inspired

One of the top tattoo design tips is to always seek inspiration.

You can do this by spending time in nature and familiarizing yourself with traditional designs, whether it’s skulls or sailors. It’s also useful to connect with other tattoo artists and find out what sparks their imagination. Or, if you’re a fan of written tattoos, spend time researching typography so you can recommend the best option.

2. Simple Is Best

When designing a tattoo, simple is always best. Avoid going with an intricate design that uses multiple colors because it’ll likely look messy. Also, skin changes with age, so you should suggest keeping the lines clean and minimal so it will look better in the future.

3. Use Technology to Help You

Luckily for tattoo artists, there is a list of the best tattoo drawing apps to practice on. The beauty is that you can use tattoo design tools with the client and figure out what their dream piece is. It also means you can use the software to mock up the tattoo on a specific body part to determine whether it works.

4. Choose the Perfect Colors

Use tattoo design apps to find the best colors for the artwork. If your client already has a sleeve or several tattoos, you can use the color palette as a reference so that it doesn’t clash. You should also factor in the person’s complexion and undertone to find the perfect shade.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Whether you’re using apps for the tattoo design or drawing pieces by hand, regular practice is a must. You should either attend drawing lessons or practice using henna because it doesn’t matter if you make any mistakes. Then, when you’re more confident, practice tattooing on fruit like oranges or pig flesh, as it’s similar to the real thing.

6. Suggest an Aftercare Routine

Your design is only as good as the aftercare you suggest. You don’t want to spend hours poring over artwork that won’t heal properly and potentially fade. To prevent any disappointment, suggest that clients use an aftercare product and lotion to reduce irritation during the early stages of healing.

How to Design a Tattoo

Hopefully, you’ll now know how to design a tattoo.

There are many useful tips to take on board, such as seeking inspiration from other artists and practicing regularly. Budding tattoo artists should also use apps to plan their designs and spend time choosing the perfect colors for their clients. Good luck!

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