How to enjoy your own company

How to enjoy your own company? Many people thrive on the idea of spending time alone and prefer being on their own most of the time. But there’s also another type of people: those who love spending time with others and dread the idea of being alone. It took me many years to come to terms with the fact that we are born alone and we’re going to die alone, so there’s no point in getting attached to others to feel good about yourself.

Sometimes, we all forget how to enjoy being by ourselves. So here I share some tips or ways to be happy with yourself. In my view,, we must focus on our self never depend on on your happiness and life to another person. Mostly we hear many quotations that work on yourself no one give you success and no one lives your life and conditions that are you facing.

According to this you should focus on this depend on yourself and work hard. Firstly you focus on your health and do something that can give you confidence and courage. Never ever towards the people, make yourself like this and others towards you and follow you. Enjoy your own company with many things. Remember one thing you come into the world lonely and you go back lonely so why don’t you live lonely?

Some ways you should follow and enjoy your own company

1. Go to bed every single night with one specific goal for the following day. Even something as simple as “get to the work five minutes earlier than yesterday” makes getting out of bed feels a lot more purposeful, and going to sleep feel a lot more satisfying, when you have achieved what you wanted to.

2. Find a podcast about a topic you know nothing about. Whatever you listen to it on the commute to work or play it while you are dining busy work at the disk, it feels so good to finally light a spark in an area of your mind that has been dormant for a while.

3. Do something by yourself that you’d normally do with a friend.Go to the movies and comedy shows OR to the park or to the cafe by yourself, and just enjoy the fact that after a few (sometimes uncomfortable)minutes, you actually start to enjoy the alone time.

4. write, you enjoy yourself you just read and then write, Diary writing is the best example of it.

5. Find your quiet time.

6. Buy a really good, high-quality pair of slippers. And make sure they are the first thing you put on when you walk in the door. In the last learn how to cook. Hope all of you enjoy this article.


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