How to Get Your Hands on Surplus Equipment

Surplus equipment is equipment that is no longer in use. It can be donated to a school system, municipality, or other non-profit organization. Before donating surplus equipment to a non-profit organization, the current owner should obtain a signed letter from the organization requesting the equipment. The letter must state that the organization is interested in receiving the equipment and will cover all moving expenses. The current owner should provide this information to the Coordinator of Surplus, who will verify the information. Once the Coordinator has received all documentation, they will forward it to the department head for approval.

Surplus items are often electronic equipment or office furniture on the website Surplus equipment must be handled responsibly to avoid harm to the environment and the community. The Department should look into having a designated Department Representative to help promote a culture of sustainability within the City. They will be able to assist in determining what is surplus and how to dispose of it in the most effective way.

Surplus property can be offered to other SUNY campuses or the New York State Office of General Services. State agencies and municipalities will be able to bid on this surplus property for seven days. The proceeds from these sales will go to the state. So, how can you get your hands on this surplus equipment? Here are some ways you can go about it:

The Surplus Coordinator will coordinate the pick-up of your surplus. They will contact the contractor for your surplus equipment based on the type of item. The contractor will then work out the details and schedule the pickup. If there are special requirements, the contractor may need to schedule a special pick-up. This may take longer than usual.

Before you decide to sell your surplus equipment, make sure you notify CIS. The department will review your proposal to make sure you have the proper authorization. You may not sell or give away surplus equipment to a for-profit entity unless you have obtained written permission from the appropriate office. If the donation is approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Vice President for College Relations, you can sell or donate it.

Typically, the equipment is picked up by an OWM Moving Crew. The equipment must be listed in SED form with a description and quantity of items. In addition, large-scale items should be listed with a single number and description. Memory storage devices, computers, and UMA tags should be listed on the form.

Surplus property management is an important component of Asset Management. It helps reduce the costs and liability associated with disposal and helps the property continue to be used by other departments. After completing a Form for Surplus Property, department heads should contact the Director of Procurement and Re-Use, who will determine the proper disposal procedure. In addition, if items have a fair market value, they can be sold or traded to other departments. 

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