How to Make Good Study Notes

Making good study notes is one of the most important activities for students. Exam preparations are quite stressful! However, making good study notes helps you in learning your lessons easily and are important for making preparation for your exam.

It helps you to prepare for your next paper in very less time because it contains all the important material to study for the paper.

Study notes will help you recall information that would otherwise be lost. It is about summarising the concepts as precisely as possible in your own words.

Characteristics of good notes for exams

Following are the characteristics of good notes for exams such as:

  • Easy to learn and understand
  • It can be easily revised
  • It saves you precious time
  • The proper sequence of data help to prepare for exams
  • It helps to present the answer in a proper way in the exam
  • It contains all the important points of class lectures and books

In addition, Study notes make on a daily basis from lectures in class and from different reading books. Being a student you must know how to make good study notes which motivate you to get high marks in your exam and tests.

There are numerous ways to make good study notes by different means. But here we are trying to give you good ideas to make notes for exams such as:

Making study notes from lectures

Study notes are created by students in different ways such as from the important ideas of the class lecture which is delivered by teachers as well as from different books or written material.

It contains collective extracts from many books. For making good notes, first of all, you must have paper and a pencil for writing down the important points.

Be attentive while listening to the lecture. Secondly, note down all the necessary information which is deliver by a teacher because the teachers are experts in the subjects.

Finally, write down all the terminologies and important definitions that are share by your teacher during the lecture.

Making study notes from different sources

Prepare the study notes from different sources. Class lectures are one source of learning.

Make your study notes from different course books, guide books, and internet sources because it serves as a huge source of learning.

When you study from course books, guide books, and other internet sources make sure to concentrate fully and write down the important ideas you learn from it. 

An explanation in the book about a topic may be very long trying to summarize it in your own words and write only the important things and leave the unnecessary details otherwise it will confuse you.

Collect all the data in proper order and don’t skip important data, your notes should have all the material which you need for preparation for your exams.

Take notes by hand

Research shows that students who take notes by hand retain information better as compared to those who take notes on a computer.

This may be because people typing on a laptop tend to write every word without understanding the meaning, while people writing by hand are forced to pick out relevant information in order to keep up.

Properly organized the collected notes and review it

Reviewing your notes after class to retain the information much more effectively.

When you note the lecture, it may not be in proper shape because the students focused on the learning topics, not on writing. So make sure that all the important material or points should be given a proper shape.

Study notes should be written in the form of short paragraphs with headings, topics, and subtopics.

Make tables, graphs, and diagrams that help to understand the topic. Not only the important points and remove all the unnecessary details.

Try to make the notes by hand and write your note clearly to make it easily readable in the future. And write all the references for books and websites from where the material has collected.

Keep your study notes in a proper way

Try to save the study notes in a proper way. It is better to write your study notes in a notebook or register whose pages may not easily lose.

If you are using loose pages for notes you should have a folder for saving the pages and use different folders for different subjects notes. Write the name of the subject on the folder.

Keep your study notes in a  safe place to use them for later. Most of the students make study notes on the computer in such a case students should make a separate folder so that it may not get deleted by mistake.

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