How to Pack Glasses for Moving

In 2021, 8.4% of Americans moved, which amounted to over 27 million people! The fact is, Americans move more than any other nationality in the world. With a nation so big, you can’t help but do so!

Whether you’re new or experienced at relocating though, one tricky thing to pack is your glassware. Try as you might, you always end up with something smashed when you arrive at your destination!

It’s about time you stop with the disappointment. Read on to find out how to pack glasses for moving so there’s a higher chance of you having intact glassware in your new home.

Get the Right Packing Materials

If you don’t start off with the right packing materials, then you’re setting yourself up for failure when you pack glasses for moving.

First things first: many people mistakenly think they need bubble wrap for packing glasses, but they’d be mistaken! It can take up too much room and it’s not very flexible. Instead, you should go for packing paper, which is less bulky and easier to manipulate around glass pieces.

You should also opt for cardboard boxes instead of plastic bins. If possible, you’ll want to choose tall boxes rather than wide ones, as it’s easier to pack your glass vertically.

Lastly, you’ll need lots of packing tape and a marker so you can label your boxes.

Prepare the Boxes

You’ll need to tape the boxes’ bottom flaps together to ensure nothing falls out. But you should tape the middle seams several times, then tape it across to make a plus sign. Then, tape down the edges of those pieces of tape for extra security.

If you’re working with tall boxes, you can also temporarily tape down the top flaps so they’re easier to work with.

Now crumple up some packing paper and line the bottoms of the boxes. You’ll want them to be about 3 to 4 inches tall to provide cushioning for your glassware.

Start With the Heaviest Glasses

For packing glasses when moving, sort out your glassware and start with the heaviest items first. That way, they go in the box at the bottom, where they won’t crush the lighter pieces.

Usually, your plates are the heaviest, so wrap each one in packing paper. Then, put them vertically into the box and stuff it as tightly as possible.

Try jiggling the box to see if there’s any movement. If so, then pack the empty spaces with packing paper and try again. There shouldn’t be any rattling; things can break if there is.

When you’re done with the bottom layer, add a few pieces of packing paper to start the next layer.

Do the Bowls Next

Take each bowl and wrap it in packing paper. The best method is to put a corner of the paper into the bowl so there’s some cushioning inside. Then crumple the paper around the rest of the bowl.

You’ll also lay the bowls vertically, nestled snugly against one another. Do the jiggle test and fill the sides with packing paper to cushion everything.

Add more pieces of packing paper for the next layer.

Wrap Your Glasses and Cups

These are the lightest and most fragile glass items, so they should go on top.

To wrap your glasses and cups, use a similar method to wrapping bowls. You’ll want to have some cushioning inside, so be generous with the packing paper.

While the plates and bowls were stacked together, you’ll want to add the glasses and cups in a single layer, one next to another. Make sure you lay them flat on their sides too.

Again, perform the jiggle test and add packing paper to the sides of the box to secure your glassware. If the box isn’t filled to the top, then you’ll need to crumple packing paper and stuff it to the brim so everything inside will stay put.

Now you can tape up the box and label it. You’re done!

Hire Professional Movers

If you don’t trust yourself to pack glasses right when you move, then a great alternative is professional movers, such as Best Fit Movers. These people are trained and experienced with relocations, so they’re bound to take great care of your stuff.

Pro movers will offer full services so you don’t have to worry about a thing. And not only will they pack your glassware carefully, but they’ll also transport it safely, then unpack it at your new home.

While you’ll have to spend a little extra money, it’ll be worth it when you have less stress surrounding the move (they can take care of your other belongings too!). And an added benefit is there’s a much higher chance your glassware will be in pristine condition upon arrival!

Know How to Pack Glasses for Moving Successfully

Now that you know how to pack glasses in the right way, it’ll save you a lot of heartache and trouble.

Instead of using bubble wrap, opt for packing paper, and use plenty of it. Tape up your boxes securely by making an X at the bottom. And you should start with the heaviest glassware (plates), and move up to the lightest and most fragile pieces: your glasses and cups.

Of course, you can always hire professional movers to pack, transport, and unpack your glassware. Not only will this save you time, but it can also give you peace of mind. That way, you can handle other aspects of your move without worry!

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