How to Respond to a Narcissist Text

Defending yourself from narcissist text messages is vital. This means avoiding the temptation to argue and misdirect the narcissist. Here are some tips. Remember that saying no doesn’t compute with narcissists. Be firm and stand up for yourself. The narcissist’s desire is to have you bow down to his or her every command.

Defending Yourself

The first rule of defending yourself when responding to a nascent text is to stay calm. A narcissist does not care if you lose control of your emotions or break your silence. Narcissists are brave and will often come off aggressive when they text you. If you do get in a heated exchange, do not respond in the same way as you’d expect.

The next step is to be aware of the tactics used by narcissists. First, they’ll attempt to get off topic, bringing up old arguments or accusing you of something you have done. Keeping yourself aware of these tactics will prevent you from buying into their manipulation. Second, don’t make excuses or admit guilt. In a sense, this is self-defense on their part.

Avoiding Arguing with a Narcissist over Text

One of the most important tips for avoiding arguing with a narcistist over text is to understand what they’re trying to convey. Narcissists use juicy tidbits to keep dying conversations alive. They may seem to be replaying an event, or act as if they don’t care if you respond or not. Texts can be an easy way for narcissists to prove their love and devotion to their victim.

In the first instance, avoid responding to insults. Narcissists are extremely difficult to deal with because they lack self-awareness and cannot reconcile intense emotions and high conflict. Therefore, if you’re unsure of what your narcissist is trying to say, step back and think carefully before responding. Even if the situation escalates, do not get enraged. Instead, calmly ignore the insults and move on to another conversation.

Avoiding Letting a Narcissist have their way

If you’re receiving texts from a narcissist, be sure to avoid saying anything that might make them jealous. Narcissists will often use emotional language to hook you into the drama and keep you responding. These texts may also contain guilt-inducing content, hoping to rescue you from their insecurity and make you feel guilty. Remember, even negative attention is still attention for a narcissist.

If you feel like responding, don’t give in to their request for a personal conversation. Narcissists tend to be more assertive behind a screen than in person, so try to avoid responding to their texts unless they specifically request an in-person conversation. Even if you don’t agree with their request, a neutral response is better than an argument.

Avoiding Misdirection

The best way to avoid misdirection when responding to a sexy narcissist text is to stay away from him. Although it may be tempting to reply to his texts and remain in contact, you should not do so. Narcissists are not rational and may use your information against you. They will often confuse you with deviant behavior and will always have a hidden agenda. It is best to refrain from communicating with a narcissist and avoid being drawn into an argument.

Narcissists use misdirection to gauge how you will respond to their insults. By starting small and focusing on your reaction, they can try to get you to forget their words and focus on the narcissist’s criticism. This way, you will be caught up in a self-defense trap and waste energy engaging in circular conversations.

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