How to Use a Web Cache Viewer Everything You Need to Know

Some disappear overnight hastily. Other times, servers go down, or even you’re simply curious what your website or someone else’s appeared like ten years ago.

So how does one re-access this information?

You need an online cache viewer.

It’s a tool that helps you recover backups or snapshots of internet sites.

In this guide, we’ll undergo a number of the simplest web cache viewer tools to assist you switch back time to search out missing information or maybe spy on your competitors.

What Is an internet Cache Viewer?

A web cache viewer helps you to see the older version or snapshot of any website, called a cache page. A cached page may be a snapshot of the raw HTML and content of a page.

For example, when Google indexes your website, it takes a screenshot of what it’s like at the time and indexes it.

There are several tools to look at an archived page, like Google’s cache feature on search results and websites just like the Wayback Machine dedicated to saving the internet’s history.When to Use an online Cache Viewer
A web cache viewer may be a valuable tool to possess in your back pocket. Here are some times you would possibly want to use this handy tool.

A Website isn’t any Longer Available

Require to get information from a page with a irksome 404 error? an internet cache viewer can facilitate your see the last archived version before it went offline.

A Page you would like to look at Has Changed

If a web site went through a significant makeover, you may use the cached version to revert the positioning to what it accustomed appear as if. this can be particularly helpful for doing competitor analysis. as an example, if a competitor suddenly overtook your site within the search results, you’ll examine older versions of their site to determine what they changed.

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