How to Use the Chrome Extension

How to Use the Chrome Extension

Got five minutes? That’s all you wish to line up the extension and begin using its caching functionalities.

Here’s what you would like to try and do.

Step 1: Install the online Cache Viewer onto your Chrome and activate the extension. Step 2: visit the target URL of your choice, right-click on the page, and scroll right down to “View Cached Version. ”Step 3: Select either the Google Cache or Way back Machine option.

After choosing, the extension will show you the Wayback Machine URL for the page or show you the last Google cached version.2. Use Google Search to search out Cached Pages
Each time Google crawls an internet page, it creates a backup, which becomes a part of Google’s cache.

How to obtain a Cached ring With Google Search

Step 1: Do a Google search on your computer for the page you would like to search out.Step 2: When the search results load, click on the down arrow next to the site’s URL and choose “Cached.”Step 3: The cached version of the page will load. you’ll be able to view the “Full Version,” “Text-Only Version,” or “View Source.”Keep in mind that you simply won’t be ready to navigate to other pages on the positioning. If you do, it’ll take you to the live version. you’ll be able to also access the live page by clicking on the “Current Page” link at the highest of the page.

3. Use the Address Bar in Chrome to seek out Cached Pages

Struggling to seek out the page you would like via search results? If you’ve got the Chrome browser, you’ll be able to use the address bar to urge the cached version of any URL.

How to obtain a Cached ring With The Address Bar in Chrome

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser.

Step 2: Type “cache” within the address bar followed by the URL.Step 3: The cached version will load, and you’ll have the identical three version formats to decide on from with the Google search method.4. Use the Archive Today Web Cache Viewer
Wish you’ll travel back in time? Well, you’ll be able to with Archive.Today.

The website could be a container for the net. It takes a snapshot of a page and stores it forever, whether or not the initial disappears.

The site saves text and graphics and can provide you with a link to the unalterable record of the net page.

The only catch?

You need to physical submit web content and force only view entries that have earlier been saved.

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