How to write a blog post

How to write a blog post

Are you interested to know how to write a blog post? Do you want to write a blog post, that people like to read? If your response is yes, then you are on the right blog.

Before writing a blog post find answers to questions like why people would keep reading your blog posting and how the audience will come back for more etc.

The introduction paragraph decided that whether your reader likes to continue reading or not so try to add more value in your introductory paragraph.

However, you can also use examples in your blog articles to make your post more interesting for the readers. Try to write a post that is interesting for readers and also provides educational content. 

If you are trying to write a new blog you must follow these steps.

Planning to write a blog post

The first step is to plan what you want to write. The whole process of writing a blog article often takes more time. Before you write anything, pick an interesting topic for your blog article.

Outline of blog article

Make an outline that helps you to focus on the structure. Point out all the important information that you want to put in your blog. 

Don’t make lengthy outlines, or even detailed. Outline just contains a rough guide. However, an outline actually gives you a map through which you can complete your blog. 

Research for blog article

After writing an outline the next step is to research the topic on which you are writing. Research is important because not everyone knows about everything.

Always keep in mind to research from the authoritative resources and research papers. You can jump from one topic to another if you don’t know about the exact information.

Try to select a topic of your interest it will help you to research interestingly and outcomes will also be good. 

Write a headline in your blog post

Must put headlines in your blog. There are two ways to add headings to your post. The first way is to decide headings when you are making an outline.

The second way is to write your full blog post first, after that decide what heading fix well. You can also ask a question in your heading but make sure to ask the questions that your audience will be interested in.

Start writing a blog post

After creating an outline and headings, start writing your blog post. There are two different ways to write a blog article. Some people like to write a full blog in one sitting but some people take more time to write a single blog.

Writing in one session is the best option. Because when you sit and start writing, a group of ideas comes to mind. When you are a beginner it takes time but with practice, you can write a blog in one sitting. The more you work the more it becomes easier. 

Using images in a blog post

Some people don’t have enough time to read the whole blog post so they understand the topic through images and videos that you used in your blog post. Images can break up the post and make the look of the post more interesting.

Always keep in mind to choose a relevant image.  Because these images will help the readers to understand the content. Try to use different diagrams, charts, and videos, etc.

Edit post and Avoid repetition

Editing a blog post is not so easy. It does not just mean fixing grammatical errors or to check the structure of sentences. It is more than this. editing means to read the whole content at once and put other ideas that come to mind related to content. Check your entire blog and correct all the mistakes in it.

However, try to avoid repeated words. When we write a post we don’t actually know how much time we have used repetitive words. So when you edit it, replace these words with suitable words.

Keep sentences and paragraph shorter 

Most inexperienced bloggers used long sentences and long paragraphs. But it’s a big mistake. Readers don’t like to read long paragraphs and they switch to other pages. 

Always keep your sentences as short as possible. Because short sentences are easy to read and make the reader’s job easier. Keep your paragraph shorter. Additionally, your paragraph should not exceed 150 words. A shorter paragraph also excites your audience. 

Blogging seems difficult but it is not so difficult. It becomes easier with time and practice. The more you write the more you will be able to write a good SEO blog post. Additionally, improve your mistakes and learn from your mistakes, then you will be able to become a perfect blogger. 

Now take a pen, and write a blog article like a professional. 

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