How to Write a Great Blog Post Under 30 Minutes

If you want to know how to write a great blog post under 30 minutes, then you are at the right post. If you are a beginner and have no idea that how to write a blog post then follow these steps to become a great blogger.

Practice and Read others blogs

One of the best ways of writing a blog post is to practice it on other blogs. This is especially helpful if you write a lot and want to develop a reputation for your own unique style. You can also learn how to write a blog post under 30 minutes by reading other blogs. By visiting other bloggers’ personal web pages, you can get a feel for how they write. Pay attention to the way they arrange their ideas and the way they express them. With this in mind, you can develop your own writing style and approach.

If possible, visit the blog when the writer is not expecting visitors. It will provide the blogger with an opportunity to become relaxed and start thinking in a casual manner. In this state, you will be able to think on your feet, as opposed to feeling stiff and sitting in one position. This will allow you to better describe the details of the post. As a result, you should be able to convey your ideas clearly and concisely.

Start by reading the first paragraph

Start out by reading over the first paragraph, looking for things that are important to the reader. Then look at the entire post, looking for key phrases that will give you ideas for the rest of the write-up. Finally, edit the blog post to look over it again. You can then revise it with a fresh perspective.

Focused on the language used

Another way to learn how to write a blog post under 30 minutes is to pay close attention to the language used. While you may use the simple and colloquial terms of the English language, it is important to make these parts relevant. If the blogger talks about a mountain, for example, but his topic has nothing to do with mountains, he does not communicate effectively.

Create links from the blog post

It is also important to create links from the blog post to related topics. This will keep readers interested. If a blogger cannot adequately provide information on a topic, readers will click off of that writer and look elsewhere. If no one clicks the link, the writer will lose interest and may even quit. Therefore, communicating effectively with the reader is essential.

Author Resource Box

A blog writer should never forget the importance of the author resource box. This is the chance for the blogger to thank readers for reading the post and to plug his or her business. As an example, if a writer has written about products for babies, the author’s resource box may talk about the benefits of breastfeeding. It could even recommend other products or services that the business offers.

Use the blog as a platform

How to write a blog post under 30 minutes is easy when a writer understands how to use the blog as a platform to promote products. For instance, if a blogger promotes a new book about baby sleep habits, he or she can mention some of the baby sleep center’s websites or contact them directly.

Then, when a reader finds the site, he or she may be able to purchase the book there and download
it from the website. That is one way to generate revenue from a blog post. The second way is for the blogger to sign up with an affiliate company and sell the ebook online. Each time someone buys the book through the affiliate site, the blogger makes a commission.

Communicate effectively

There are many ways to write a blog post under 30 minutes. However, a blogger must remember to communicate effectively with the reader. The blog post must be informative, entertaining, and fun. When these three elements meet, the communication process takes off smoothly and the writer will have her or his dream job writing a blog post that generates leads, sales, and a hefty readership.

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