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Hrithik Roshan wiki & Biography

Hrithik Roshan wiki is amazing, he has cheated with his wife, he spend his most money on club for Nudity, learn some interesting and thrilling facts about him

Today in this post I shared with you all about the biography of Hrithik Roshan , the very best actor of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan and I will tell you in this post how Hrithik Roshan worked so hard in his life that today He has become one of the best actors of Bollywood.

It is true that his father Rakesh Roshan has brought him in this industry because Rakesh Roshan has also been an artist, which is very much in Bollywood, he has become more famous and many people watch and many people too. and that people learn from their lives

Let us tell you that even if you are sitting one by one, but if your acting is not good then you will not be able to walk in Bollywood, there are such people who have been spoiled in Bollywood because of being active, they get to learn a lot. Do it and if you like it then please do share it with your friends so that everyone can read it

Hrithik Roshan Education, Relationship, Family & More

Now if we tell you about Hrithik Roshan, then Hrithik Roshan was born in 1974 Hrithik Roshan Biography, whose height if we talk about it is very high, due to which he has made a big difference in Bollywood with a lot of respect. Let’s say that he was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, along with his father’s name is Rakesh Roshan, who is a very good artist and

– His mother’s name is Pinky Roshan, who has worked hard in his life, Rakesh Roshan was a great film industry artist, later he worked very hard and started making this film, that is why he is also called a filmmaker.

Together let us tell you that they have worked very hard in their life, due to which they can move ahead of you and now they are teaching this to their son and that is why Hrithik Roshan has gone ahead as a great artist. We have come in front of everyone and they have worked very hard in their life because to make every film one has to read a lot of importance.

– And together you have to work continuously day and night, after which a movie is prepared which we all go to the cinema house to watch and if Hrithik Roshan has worked hard, he has also got to see the result of you along with his elder sister. Sunaina Roshan who used to live with them in their house and together let us tell you that their uncle’s name is Rajesh Roshan who is a musician and also a music director.

Apart from this, living in Mumbai, tell you about Hrithik Roshan, then they are married, but despite this, they did not meet very well with their wife, due to which they have become more than each other and after divorce, Children sometimes come to visit us and let us know more about them Hrithik Roshan has turned 47 in 2021, he has kept his body very well.

  • Real Name Hrithik Roshan Nagrath
  • Nicknames Dugu and Greek God
  • Business actor
  • Birthdate 10 January 1974
  • Age (as on 2021) 47 years
  • Birthplace Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Zodiac capricorn
  • Nationality indian
  • Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • School / School Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai
  • College / University Sydenham College, Mumbai
  • Educational Qualification Bachelor (Commerce)
  • Debut film – Kaho Naa … Pyaar Hai (2000)
  • Favorite food Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Spanish cuisine and chocolate
  • Favorite actors Raj Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan
  • Favorite actresses Madhuri Dixit, Madhubala and Kajol
  • Favorite Film Bollywood – King Uncle
  • Favorite Dancer Shammi Kapoor and Michael Jackson
  • Favorite book Easyway to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr
  • Favorite color black
  • Favorite Sports Cricket and Formula 1
  • Favorite Perfume Issey Miyake
  • Favorite Pets Persian Cat
  • Favorite Restaurant JW Marit, Spanish Restaurant, Arola Mumbai
  • Preferred Destination London, Spain and Japan

Hrithik Roshan Fitness, Age, Height, Weight & More

– Now if you give more information about Hrithik Roshan, then Hrithik Roshan is very good and if we talk about fitness, then it is very much ahead because it does not seem that 47 years old is already done because the way He worked his body so hard

The latter is made in this way because we know that if a person is 47 years old or 50 years old, then his age becomes so much that his ability to excise it decreases but Hrithik Roshan is still so much Work more agility and hard work that he did such a great job in the upcoming film Vaar, due to which he was able to move forward very fast and with

Let me tell you that I have worked very hard in doing all this work and let me tell you that the height is very high which is 5 feet 11 inches, due to this I got a lot of opportunities in the film industry and went ahead with them. Weight is 80 kg which is

– According to their weight and height, it is quite right, if we talk about them, then they are 18 inches which is a lot, if we talk about fitness now, then these two people, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, come a long way because they have over themselves. They have done a lot of work, due to which they remain so much more sluggish and all this is the result of their hard work.

If you guys also have to maintain fitness in your life always, then you will have to work hard together and you will have to meditate very well on workouts, only then you will always remain better in your life.

  • Length (approx.) To 180m
  • M – 1.80
  • Feet Inch – 5 ’11 “
  • Weight / weight (approx.) 80 kg
  • Body composition (approx) – Chest: 45 inches
  • Cummer: 28 inches
  • Biceps: 18 inches
  • Eye color hazel green
  • Hair color black

Hrithik Roshan Net Worth, Contact, Social Media, Cast Name

We all know the most important thing today about the income of others and are very excited to know the property of others, give information about their assets, at this time the property is 370 million, which is quite a lot. and you have a lot and if money is in india rupee then 2680cr is too much we forget that

That person has been able to make his wealth in his place after a lot of hard work because if he works hard then he will definitely earn and if we want to earn money, then we will have to work continuously in the same way so that in our life. We can make so much wealth and you can create all this if you work hard, we know

We definitely get the fruits of hard work and together you can follow them only through social media because you are very busy throughout the day and that is why you can talk to people through social media but can hardly reply

– Because we are very busy about our upcoming movies and try a lot to make them, how will we reach our upcoming movies to all the audience and on which movie about those who work on it keep thinking about everything

Let us tell you that if we also want to achieve success, then we have to work very hard in our life because only those who work hard get success, we know this, but we still work hard. If you guys want to fulfill your dreams then you have to work hard

Final Words

Today, through this post of mine, you all   read about the biography of Hrithik Roshan , the best actor of Bollywood, and you must have come to know after reading a lot from his life that he has done a lot in his life. If we talk about the struggle, then they did not have to struggle a lot because their father is already

– Rakesh Roshan was the best artist of this Bollywood mystery, he used to work very hard, that is why he knew that if his son does, he can go far ahead and the same thing was done by Hrithik Roshan, due to which his father’s day from

– He was very happy because Hrithik Roshan worked very hard, he used to do as much as his father used to say, let us tell you that this is the reason why he has become such a successful actor today, it is true that due to his father’s presence, he has got a lot more. benefited but it does not mean that

– Do not give you a car because without any work you will not get success and in his life he has worked very hard, due to which he has become a superstar today, you must have got to learn through this post and if you have written this story of mine, I will tell my friends Do share with us by commenting along with us, tell us about what you want to go in the post that taught you something through this post, also tell us about the information through your comment.

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