ICC shares pictures of the Gwadar Cricket Stadium

ICC shares pictures of the Gwadar Cricket Stadium. The beauty of Gwadar Cricket Stadium has also compelled the ICC to admire it. The International Cricket Council shared photos of the beautiful stadium in Balochistan. They challenged others to come up with a more beautiful Stadium. Gwadar Cricket Stadium’s honor of the beauty of the ground also caught the attention of the ICC. The International Cricket Council shared photos of the stadium on Twitter. The ICC called the ground charming. The car rally held in Gwadar last month had caught the attention of the whole world. A friendly match between the rally participants was played at Gwadar Stadium.


We have seen a lot of news in the past about the cricket stadium in Gwadar that an international standard cricket stadium will be built there. But recently the ground in which you used to see mud everywhere. There is something like this today.


This ground is located in Gwadar province of Balochistan (Pakistan). This ground is very beautifully decorated and designed in the same way as the lines you saw in Karachi Stadium during PSL 5. This is located in Ground Hill. It is surrounded by mountains but due to the desert nature of the place, planting grass here was the biggest problem.


First, Senator Sadiq Sanjarani announced in April 2019 that two major international cricket stadiums would be built in Balochistan. It was further said that one stadium would be built in Quetta while the other in Gwadar. The name of this ground is Senator Ishaq Khan Baloch Cricket Stadium.


A cricket stadium, as well as a football stadium, was also approved in this area of ​​Gwadar. Later, in October 2019, it was reported in the media that Rs. 20 million had been announced for a football stadium along with this ground. The football stadium is known as Baba Bizenjo. And accordingly, work was also done on the cricket stadium.


Due to the desert terrain of the area, planting grass here was a big problem. But as soon as PSL 5 came to an end, work on the stadium was at full speed. However, a sewage water treatment system had been set up for the grass of the ground. This is why this project was successful and today you can see Lush Green Grass here and you can see the design clearly.


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