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Not seeing the SEO results you want? Did you recognize page caching can improve your site speed by reducing server load time by up to 80 percent? Viewing the store version shows you what Google sees when it creep your page. If your website isn’t cached, it can increase your page load times and drastically affect your bounce rate.

View a Page Faster

If the online page is slow or unresponsive, you’ll be able to use the cached version to work out a snapshot of the location the last time Google indexed the page. Although a cached page won’t always have up-to-date information, it can facilitate your save time.Check When Google Last Indexed a Page
It’s helpful to understand when the last time Google bots successfully visited your page, especially if you’re making changes to your site.

By viewing the cached version, you’ll see if a page is unresponsive, how it’s being cached, and if there’s anything you would like to un-do.

Web Cache Viewer Tools and Tricks

While viewing cached versions appears like an admin nightmare, several tools make the method easy, simple, and fast.

1. Use a Chrome Extension

Not using Chrome extensions? You’re missing out.

Google’s Chrome extensions are programs you’ll install to your browser to alter its functionality.

For example, you’ll be able to add extensions that:

Block ads from show on any place you visit.
Pin any image to your Pinterest boards.
View the DA of any website.
Quickly entery any of your passwords with a password head.
The Web Cache Viewer Chrome extension makes it easy for you to look at a snapshot of the page you’re visiting. this can be useful if you encounter a 404 error and need to revert to the older version to determine the knowledge.

Wayback Machine Vs. Google Cache on the Chrome Extension

The Web Cache Viewer extension will:

Let you view the Google store or Wayback Machine sort.
Intelligently redirect you to the archived page rather than taking you to the archive selection screen on the Wayback Machine website.
Which option do you have to use? The Wayback Machine or Google Cache?

It comes all the way down to what result you would like from the tool.

For example, if you would like to test Google is caching your site, otherwise you have to view the last cached page of a site, Google Cache is that the best choice for you.

However, if you would like to show back the wheels of your time and dig through a website’s past, you’ll want to use the Wayback Machine.

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