Imran Khan said there is a market to buy politicians in the Senate elections

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that there is a market to buy politicians in the Senate elections.

Addressing a tree-planting drive in Ghazi-e-Brotha, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that trees are essential for the future, the Billion Tree project must be successful to mitigate the effects of climate change, unfortunately in the past, we did not focus on planting trees. And the forests were ruthlessly destroyed.

Imran Khan said that in the past corrupt people not only stole money but also destroyed the morals of the country. The greater loss than the theft of money is that it creates an atmosphere that corruption is common and not a bad thing. More dangerous than, show a single example that a country is prosperous and there is corruption, corruption and bribery of patwaris, government employees and police officers, the people are upset, but it does not destroy the country, but the country is destroyed. It happens when its prime minister and ministers start corruption, when the prime minister commits corruption, he is forced to take money out, otherwise, people will see, stealing is a loss and sending stolen money out means money laundering. There is an even greater loss that destroys the country and leaves it in debt.

Imran Khan said about the Sharif family that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself, children, Munshi Ishaq Dar and son-in-law are also living a luxurious life outside, both himself and his children are driving the most expensive Rolls-Royce car, it seems It is said that these cows were not born in the market but in the palaces of Britain. If you look at Ishaq Dar, it seems that it was not his father’s bicycle shop but a Rolls-Royce shop in Mayfair. He has no paper and no evidence that Where did this money come from?

Imran Khan said that the Senate is watching the spectacle of elections, the market is open, prices are rising to buy politicians to become senators, this has been happening for 30 years and everyone knows when we say that political Opposition parties say vote secretly, not open, even though they used to say that there should be an open ballot, then how has this changed in them?

The Prime Minister further said that in fact, the opposition failed to bring us down everywhere, the Minar Pakistan meeting failed, FAT legislation, Corona epidemic failed to defeat the government everywhere, now they are thinking that our people in the Senate election. Buy and bring some more senators, what kind of democracy is this, sometimes even in a democracy, someone comes with money, in the last senate election, 2 senators from KP and PPP came with money, there is no courage in a civilized society. The secret ballot, but here votes are bought by paying bribes, becoming senators by spending crores of rupees will not serve the people but will suck the blood of the people and come to make money, this nation is standing at the decisive time, the people are on one side On the other side are the dacoits and their mafia. Inshallah, victory will be for Pakistan.

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