Imran Khan’s statement regarding Israel

Today, we will discuss Imran Khan’s statement regarding Israel. There are many rumors spreading about the relations between Israel and Pakistan. It is being said that there has been a secret meeting between Israel,s Prime minister Netanyahu, and Saudi Arabia,s Prince Muhammad Bin Sulman in which an agreement has been reached between the both.

Similarly, there have been many statements about Pakistan that Pakistan is going to restore its diplomatic relations with Israel. Mostly people have been said that relations between the two countries have been restored.

The Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan has made a clear statement regarding Israel and Saudi Arabia in which he said that we are still following the policies of Quaid-e-Azam and it is not possible for us to recognize Israel.

Quaid-e-Azam did not recognize Israel

Quaid-e-Azam did not recognize Israel until the sovereignty and independence of Palestine. So we should also not recognize it until the independence of the Palestine brothers. He also clarified that we have good relations with Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE but no one has pressured us to have relations with Israel. However, only Donald Trump pressurized Imran Khan to normalize relations with Israel but Imran Khan rejects it.

Palestinian issues

A Foreign Office spokesman also dismissed speculation about relations with Israel. Until the Palestinian issue is set on, we cannot recognize Israel.

Pakistan demands that the Palestinian issue be set, on the basis of the United Nations and the OIC. Our position on this is the same as that of other governments.

Arab countries recognized Israel

We can never accept this under any pressure. Pakistan has to look at policy and interests. Some Arab countries recognize Israel due to external and internal compulsions. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu also meet with the Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman. But Saudi media is rejecting this news.

However, Mike Pompeo also confirm this news because he was present at the airport where Netanyahu,s flight was. But Pakistan is not a weak state to recognize Israel.

On the other hand, the Arab countries weaken their support for Kashmir, but the Palestinians cannot disagree with the principled position of supporting the right to self-determination. Since independence, Pakistan has been following the principle of self-determination.

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